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About: PulseAudio is a networked sound server (for POSIX OSes), a proxy for your sound applications.

NEWS  (pulseaudio-14.0.tar.xz):NEWS  (pulseaudio-14.2.tar.xz)
PulseAudio 14.2
A bug fix release.
* Fix port switching when unplugging headphones
Tanu Kaskinen
PulseAudio 14.1
A bug fix release.
* Support upto 8 mixer channels on ALSA devices
* Handle ALSA jacks with the same name but different index values
* Switch to plugged-in headset when mic availability is unknown
* Fix a potential segfault in the Bluetooth oFono HFP backend
* Fix a problem with module-ladspa-sink when avoid-resampling=true
* Fix database names containing canonical host for meson builds
Arun Raghavan
Hui Wang
Igor V. Kovalenko
Jaroslav Kysela
Kai-Heng Feng
Patrick Gaskin
Tanu Kaskinen
PulseAudio 14.0
Changes at a glance:
* Notes for end users
* Significant routing changes to default sinks/sources
* Changing the default sink moves streams from the old default sink to the
* Moving a stream to the default sink removes the "manually routed" status
of the stream
* If a sink changes status to available, streams that prefer that sink move
there automatically
* The same changes have been applied to the source stream routing
* Workaround for GNOME Sound Settings' stream routing behaviour
* module-rescue-streams is deprecated, functionality moved to the core
* New rescue-streams option in daemon.conf
* Automatic switching to HDMI is now disabled by default
* Better support for some USB gaming headsets
* Flat volumes are now disabled by default
* The RAOP sink can be configured to automatically reconnect on connection fa
* Separate sink_channels and source_channels for module-jackdbus-detect
* Improved support for ALSA UCM
* Support for ALSA mixer controls with non-zero index
* It's now possible to set intended roles for devices in the ALSA profile con
* Ports now have a type associated with them
* Mappings have a new "description-key" option in the ALSA profile configurat
* New xauthority argument for X11 modules
* module-null-sink's compressed format support can now be configured at run-t
* The enable-lfe-remixing option in daemon.conf was split into remixing-produ
ce-lfe and remixing-consume-lfe
* New channel_map argument for module-raop-sink
* Notes for application developers
* pa_mainloop_prepare interprets the timeout argument as microseconds again
* New availability_group and type fields in the port info structs
* Notes for packagers
* New GStreamer-based RTP implementation
* qpaeq switched from Python 2 to Python 3
* Compile-time option to forget pre-14.0 stream routing
* The install path of the ALSA configuration files is now configurable
* GNU gettext minimum version requirement bumped from 0.19.3 to 0.19.8
* Heads-up: dropping autotools build system
* Heads-up: dropping EsounD support is considered, tell us if you still need
* Heads-up: dropping GConf support
Detailed change log:
Alexander E. Patrakov
Arun Raghavan
Balázs Meskó
Baurzhan Muftakhidinov
Ben Buchwald
Daniil Kovalev
Dave Chiluk
David Heidelberg
Dusan Kazik
Eero Nurkkala
Emanuil Novachev
Emilio Herrera
Felipe Sateler
Felix Yan
Geert Warrink
Georg Chini
Göran Uddeborg
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
Hui Wang
Igor V. Kovalenko
Jan Alexander Steffens
Jarno Suni
Jaroslav Kysela
Jaska Uimonen
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
Juliano de Souza Camargo
Kai-Heng Feng
Karl Ove Hufthammer
Khem Raj
Krzysztof Stasiowski
Laurent Bigonville
Libin Yang
Marc Ranolfi
Michael Pivonka
Milo Casagrande
Milo Ivir
Nick Moriarty
Oğuz Ersen
Pali Rohár
Peter Levine
Peter Meerwald
Philip Withnall
Piotr Drąg
RODRIGUEZ Christophe
Rafael Fontenelle
Ralph Seichter
Rasmus Thomsen
Rickie Schroeder
Rosen Penev
Ryszard Knop
Sanchayan Maity
Sebastian Dröge
Taahir Ahmed
Tanu Kaskinen
Timo Gurr
Tom Yan
Tomasz Kontusz
Vasilis Tsiligiannis
Wim Taymans
Yi-Jyun Pan
Yuri Chornoivan
PulseAudio 13.0 PulseAudio 13.0
Changes at a glance: Changes at a glance:
* Added support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio * Added support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
* Improved 5.1 surround channel routing * Improved 5.1 surround channel routing
* Improved initial card profile selection for ALSA cards * Improved initial card profile selection for ALSA cards
* Automatically switch away from unavailable card profiles * Automatically switch away from unavailable card profiles
* Bluetooth card profile choices aren't persistent any more by default * Bluetooth card profile choices aren't persistent any more by default
* Added support for some SteelSeries Arctis 5 USB headsets * Added support for some SteelSeries Arctis 5 USB headsets
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