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About: Prophet is a tool for producing high quality forecasts for time series data that has multiple seasonality with linear or non-linear growth.

requirements.txt  (prophet-1.1):requirements.txt  (prophet-1.1.1)
Cython>=0.22 cmdstanpy>=1.0.4
numpy>=1.15.4 numpy>=1.15.4
pandas>=1.0.4 pandas>=1.0.4
matplotlib>=2.0.0 matplotlib>=2.0.0
LunarCalendar>=0.0.9 LunarCalendar>=0.0.9
convertdate>=2.1.2 convertdate>=2.1.2
holidays>=0.13 holidays>=0.14.2
setuptools>=42 setuptools>=42
setuptools-git>=1.2 setuptools-git>=1.2
python-dateutil>=2.8.0 python-dateutil>=2.8.0
tqdm>=4.36.1 tqdm>=4.36.1
wheel>=0.37.0 wheel>=0.37.0
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