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Source code changes of the file "python/setup.py" between
prophet-1.0.tar.gz and prophet-1.1.tar.gz

About: Prophet is a tool for producing high quality forecasts for time series data that has multiple seasonality with linear or non-linear growth.

setup.py  (prophet-1.0):setup.py  (prophet-1.1)
# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates. # Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
# This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the # This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree. # LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
import os.path
import platform
import sys
import os import os
from pkg_resources import ( import sys
normalize_path, import platform
working_set, from pathlib import Path
add_activation_listener, from shutil import copy, copytree, rmtree
require, from typing import List
from setuptools import setup, find_packages from pkg_resources import add_activation_listener, normalize_path, require, work
from setuptools import find_packages, setup, Extension
from setuptools.command.build_ext import build_ext
from setuptools.command.build_py import build_py from setuptools.command.build_py import build_py
from setuptools.command.develop import develop from setuptools.command.develop import develop
from setuptools.command.test import test as test_command from setuptools.command.test import test as test_command
from typing import List
PLATFORM = 'unix' MODEL_DIR = "stan"
if platform.platform().startswith('Win'): MODEL_TARGET_DIR = os.path.join("prophet", "stan_model")
PLATFORM = 'win'
MODEL_DIR = os.path.join('stan', PLATFORM) CMDSTAN_VERSION = "2.26.1"
MODEL_TARGET_DIR = os.path.join('prophet', 'stan_model') BINARIES_DIR = "bin"
BINARIES = ["diagnose", "print", "stanc", "stansummary"]
TBB_PARENT = "stan/lib/stan_math/lib"
TBB_DIRS = ["tbb", "tbb_2019_U8"]
def prune_cmdstan(cmdstan_dir: str) -> None:
Keep only the cmdstan executables and tbb files (minimum required to run a c
mdstanpy commands on a pre-compiled model).
original_dir = Path(cmdstan_dir).resolve()
parent_dir = original_dir.parent
temp_dir = parent_dir / "temp"
if temp_dir.is_dir():
print("Copying ", original_dir, " to ", temp_dir, " for pruning")
copytree(original_dir / BINARIES_DIR, temp_dir / BINARIES_DIR)
for f in (temp_dir / BINARIES_DIR).iterdir():
if f.is_dir():
elif f.is_file() and f.stem not in BINARIES:
for tbb_dir in TBB_DIRS:
copytree(original_dir / TBB_PARENT / tbb_dir, temp_dir / TBB_PARENT / tb
def repackage_cmdstan():
return os.environ.get("PROPHET_REPACKAGE_CMDSTAN", "").lower() not in ["fals
e", "0"]
def maybe_install_cmdstan_toolchain():
"""Install C++ compilers required to build stan models on Windows machines."
import cmdstanpy
from cmdstanpy.install_cxx_toolchain import main as _install_cxx_toolchain
except Exception:
_install_cxx_toolchain({"version": None, "dir": None, "verbose": True})
def install_cmdstan_deps(cmdstan_dir: Path):
import cmdstanpy
from multiprocessing import cpu_count
if repackage_cmdstan():
if platform.platform().startswith("Win"):
print("Installing cmdstan to", cmdstan_dir)
if os.path.isdir(cmdstan_dir):
if not cmdstanpy.install_cmdstan(
raise RuntimeError("CmdStan failed to install in repackaged director
def build_cmdstan_model(target_dir):
Rebuild cmdstan in the build environment, then use this installation to comp
ile the stan model.
The stan model is copied to {target_dir}/prophet_model.bin
The cmdstan files required to run cmdstanpy commands are copied to {target_d
target_dir: Directory to copy the compiled model executable and core cmdstan
files to.
import cmdstanpy
cmdstan_dir = (Path(target_dir) / f"cmdstan-{CMDSTAN_VERSION}").resolve()
model_name = "prophet.stan"
target_name = "prophet_model.bin"
sm = cmdstanpy.CmdStanModel(stan_file=os.path.join(MODEL_DIR, model_name))
copy(sm.exe_file, os.path.join(target_dir, target_name))
# Clean up
for f in Path(MODEL_DIR).iterdir():
if f.is_file() and f.name != model_name:
if repackage_cmdstan():
def get_backends_from_env() -> List[str]: def get_backends_from_env() -> List[str]:
from prophet.models import StanBackendEnum return os.environ.get("STAN_BACKEND", "CMDSTANPY").split(",")
return os.environ.get("STAN_BACKEND", StanBackendEnum.PYSTAN.name).split(","
def build_models(target_dir): def build_models(target_dir):
from prophet.models import StanBackendEnum print(f"Compiling cmdstanpy model")
for backend in get_backends_from_env(): build_cmdstan_model(target_dir)
StanBackendEnum.get_backend_class(backend).build_model(target_dir, MODEL
_DIR) if 'PYSTAN' in get_backends_from_env():
raise ValueError("PyStan backend is not supported for Prophet >= 1.1")
class BuildPyCommand(build_py): class BuildPyCommand(build_py):
"""Custom build command to pre-compile Stan models.""" """Custom build command to pre-compile Stan models."""
def run(self): def run(self):
if not self.dry_run: if not self.dry_run:
target_dir = os.path.join(self.build_lib, MODEL_TARGET_DIR) target_dir = os.path.join(self.build_lib, MODEL_TARGET_DIR)
self.mkpath(target_dir) self.mkpath(target_dir)
build_models(target_dir) build_models(target_dir)
build_py.run(self) build_py.run(self)
class BuildExtCommand(build_ext):
"""Ensure built extensions are added to the correct path in the wheel."""
def run(self):
class DevelopCommand(develop): class DevelopCommand(develop):
"""Custom develop command to pre-compile Stan models in-place.""" """Custom develop command to pre-compile Stan models in-place."""
def run(self): def run(self):
if not self.dry_run: if not self.dry_run:
target_dir = os.path.join(self.setup_path, MODEL_TARGET_DIR) target_dir = os.path.join(self.setup_path, MODEL_TARGET_DIR)
self.mkpath(target_dir) self.mkpath(target_dir)
build_models(target_dir) build_models(target_dir)
develop.run(self) develop.run(self)
class TestCommand(test_command): class TestCommand(test_command):
user_options = [ user_options = [
('test-module=', 'm', "Run 'test_suite' in specified module"), ("test-module=", "m", "Run 'test_suite' in specified module"),
('test-suite=', 's', (
"Run single test, case or suite (e.g. 'module.test_suite')"), "test-suite=",
('test-runner=', 'r', "Test runner to use"), "s",
('test-slow', 'w', "Test slow suites (default off)"), "Run single test, case or suite (e.g. 'module.test_suite')",
("test-runner=", "r", "Test runner to use"),
("test-slow", "w", "Test slow suites (default off)"),
] ]
test_slow = None test_slow = None
def initialize_options(self): def initialize_options(self):
super(TestCommand, self).initialize_options() super(TestCommand, self).initialize_options()
self.test_slow = False self.test_slow = False
def finalize_options(self): def finalize_options(self):
super(TestCommand, self).finalize_options() super(TestCommand, self).finalize_options()
if self.test_slow is None: if self.test_slow is None:
self.test_slow = getattr(self.distribution, 'test_slow', False) self.test_slow = getattr(self.distribution, "test_slow", False)
"""We must run tests on the build directory, not source.""" """We must run tests on the build directory, not source."""
def with_project_on_sys_path(self, func): def with_project_on_sys_path(self, func):
# Ensure metadata is up-to-date # Ensure metadata is up-to-date
self.reinitialize_command('build_py', inplace=0) self.reinitialize_command("build_py", inplace=0)
self.run_command('build_py') self.run_command("build_py")
bpy_cmd = self.get_finalized_command("build_py") bpy_cmd = self.get_finalized_command("build_py")
build_path = normalize_path(bpy_cmd.build_lib) build_path = normalize_path(bpy_cmd.build_lib)
# Build extensions # Build extensions
self.reinitialize_command('egg_info', egg_base=build_path) self.reinitialize_command("egg_info", egg_base=build_path)
self.run_command('egg_info') self.run_command("egg_info")
self.reinitialize_command('build_ext', inplace=0) self.reinitialize_command("build_ext", inplace=0)
self.run_command('build_ext') self.run_command("build_ext")
ei_cmd = self.get_finalized_command("egg_info") ei_cmd = self.get_finalized_command("egg_info")
old_path = sys.path[:] old_path = sys.path[:]
old_modules = sys.modules.copy() old_modules = sys.modules.copy()
try: try:
sys.path.insert(0, normalize_path(ei_cmd.egg_base)) sys.path.insert(0, normalize_path(ei_cmd.egg_base))
working_set.__init__() working_set.__init__()
add_activation_listener(lambda dist: dist.activate()) add_activation_listener(lambda dist: dist.activate())
require('%s==%s' % (ei_cmd.egg_name, ei_cmd.egg_version)) require("%s==%s" % (ei_cmd.egg_name, ei_cmd.egg_version))
func() func()
finally: finally:
sys.path[:] = old_path sys.path[:] = old_path
sys.modules.clear() sys.modules.clear()
sys.modules.update(old_modules) sys.modules.update(old_modules)
working_set.__init__() working_set.__init__()
with open('README.md', 'r', encoding='utf-8') as f: with open("README.md", "r", encoding="utf-8") as f:
long_description = f.read() long_description = f.read()
with open('requirements.txt', 'r') as f: with open("requirements.txt", "r") as f:
install_requires = f.read().splitlines() install_requires = f.read().splitlines()
setup( setup(
name='prophet', name="prophet",
version='1.0.1', version="1.1",
description='Automatic Forecasting Procedure', description="Automatic Forecasting Procedure",
url='https://facebook.github.io/prophet/', url="https://facebook.github.io/prophet/",
author='Sean J. Taylor <sjtz@pm.me>, Ben Letham <bletham@fb.com>', project_urls={
author_email='sjtz@pm.me', "Source": "https://github.com/facebook/prophet",
license='MIT', },
author="Sean J. Taylor <sjtz@pm.me>, Ben Letham <bletham@fb.com>",
packages=find_packages(), packages=find_packages(),
install_requires=install_requires, install_requires=install_requires,
python_requires='>=3', python_requires=">=3.7",
zip_safe=False, zip_safe=False,
include_package_data=True, include_package_data=True,
ext_modules=[Extension("prophet.stan_model", [])],
cmdclass={ cmdclass={
'build_py': BuildPyCommand, "build_ext": BuildExtCommand,
'develop': DevelopCommand, "build_py": BuildPyCommand,
'test': TestCommand, "develop": DevelopCommand,
"test": TestCommand,
}, },
test_suite='prophet.tests', test_suite="prophet.tests",
classifiers=[ classifiers=[
'Programming Language :: Python', "Programming Language :: Python",
'Programming Language :: Python :: 3', "Programming Language :: Python :: 3",
'Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7', "Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7",
"Programming Language :: Python :: 3.8",
"Programming Language :: Python :: 3.9",
"Programming Language :: Python :: 3.10",
], ],
long_description=long_description, long_description=long_description,
long_description_content_type='text/markdown', long_description_content_type="text/markdown",
) )
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