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Source code changes of the file "tests/test_lib_utils_compare.py" between
privacyidea-3.5.2.tar.gz and privacyidea-3.6.tar.gz

About: privacyIDEA is a flexible two factor authentication server that can be used to enhance the security of existing applications like local login, VPN, remote access, SSH connections or access to web sites.

test_lib_utils_compare.py  (privacyidea-3.5.2):test_lib_utils_compare.py  (privacyidea-3.6)
skipping to change at line 99 skipping to change at line 99
self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "in", "hello")) self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "in", "hello"))
self.assertTrue(compare_values("world", "in", "hello, world, this is a l ist")) self.assertTrue(compare_values("world", "in", "hello, world, this is a l ist"))
self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello", "in", "hello world")) self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello", "in", "hello world"))
self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello,world", "in", 'hello,world')) self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello,world", "in", 'hello,world'))
self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello,world", "in", '"hello,world"')) self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello,world", "in", '"hello,world"'))
# negation # negation
self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "!in", "world")) self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "!in", "world"))
self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello", "!in", " hello, world")) self.assertFalse(compare_values("hello", "!in", " hello, world"))
self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "!in", "hello world")) self.assertTrue(compare_values("hello", "!in", "hello world"))
def test_07_smaller_and_bigger(self):
self.assertTrue(compare_values("1", "<", 2))
self.assertTrue(compare_values(7, ">", 1))
self.assertFalse(compare_values("2", "<", "1"))
self.assertFalse(compare_values(2, "<", 1))
self.assertFalse(compare_values(2, ">", "2"))
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