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Source code changes of the file "tests/puzzle/conftest.py" between
poetry-1.1.15.tar.gz and poetry-1.2.0.tar.gz

About: Poetry is a tool for dependency management and packaging in Python.

conftest.py  (poetry-1.1.15):conftest.py  (poetry-1.2.0)
import shutil from __future__ import annotations
import pytest from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from poetry.utils._compat import Path
import urllib.parse as urlparse
except ImportError:
import urlparse
def mock_clone(self, source, dest): import pytest
# Checking source to determine which folder we need to copy
parts = urlparse.urlparse(source)
folder = ( from tests.helpers import MOCK_DEFAULT_GIT_REVISION
Path(__file__).parent.parent from tests.helpers import mock_clone
/ "fixtures"
/ "git"
/ parts.netloc
/ parts.path.lstrip("/").rstrip(".git")
shutil.rmtree(str(dest)) if TYPE_CHECKING:
shutil.copytree(str(folder), str(dest)) from pytest_mock import MockerFixture
@pytest.fixture(autouse=True) @pytest.fixture(autouse=True)
def setup(mocker): def setup(mocker: MockerFixture) -> None:
# Patch git module to not actually clone projects # Patch git module to not actually clone projects
mocker.patch("poetry.core.vcs.git.Git.clone", new=mock_clone) mocker.patch("poetry.vcs.git.Git.clone", new=mock_clone)
mocker.patch("poetry.core.vcs.git.Git.checkout", new=lambda *_: None) p = mocker.patch("poetry.vcs.git.Git.get_revision")
p = mocker.patch("poetry.core.vcs.git.Git.rev_parse") p.return_value = MOCK_DEFAULT_GIT_REVISION
p.return_value = "9cf87a285a2d3fbb0b9fa621997b3acc3631ed24"
 End of changes. 7 change blocks. 
22 lines changed or deleted 8 lines changed or added

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