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Source code changes of the file "poetry/installation/chef.py" between
poetry-1.1.15.tar.gz and poetry-1.2.0.tar.gz

About: Poetry is a tool for dependency management and packaging in Python.

chef.py  (poetry-1.1.15):chef.py  (poetry-1.2.0)
from __future__ import annotations
import hashlib import hashlib
import json import json
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from poetry.core.packages.utils.link import Link from poetry.installation.chooser import InvalidWheelName
from poetry.utils._compat import Path from poetry.installation.chooser import Wheel
from .chooser import InvalidWheelName
from .chooser import Wheel
from typing import List from poetry.core.packages.utils.link import Link
from typing import Optional
from poetry.config.config import Config from poetry.config.config import Config
from poetry.utils.env import Env from poetry.utils.env import Env
class Chef: class Chef:
def __init__(self, config, env): # type: (Config, Env) -> None def __init__(self, config: Config, env: Env) -> None:
self._config = config
self._env = env self._env = env
self._cache_dir = ( self._cache_dir = (
Path(config.get("cache-dir")).expanduser().joinpath("artifacts") Path(config.get("cache-dir")).expanduser().joinpath("artifacts")
) )
def prepare(self, archive): # type: (Path) -> Path def get_cached_archive_for_link(self, link: Link) -> Path | None:
return archive
def prepare_sdist(self, archive): # type: (Path) -> Path
return archive
def prepare_wheel(self, archive): # type: (Path) -> Path
return archive
def should_prepare(self, archive): # type: (Path) -> bool
return not self.is_wheel(archive)
def is_wheel(self, archive): # type: (Path) -> bool
return archive.suffix == ".whl"
def get_cached_archive_for_link(self, link): # type: (Link) -> Optional[Lin
# If the archive is already a wheel, there is no need to cache it.
if link.is_wheel:
archives = self.get_cached_archives_for_link(link) archives = self.get_cached_archives_for_link(link)
if not archives: if not archives:
return link return None
candidates = [] candidates: list[tuple[float | None, Path]] = []
for archive in archives: for archive in archives:
if not archive.is_wheel: if archive.suffix != ".whl":
candidates.append((float("inf"), archive)) candidates.append((float("inf"), archive))
continue continue
try: try:
wheel = Wheel(archive.filename) wheel = Wheel(archive.name)
except InvalidWheelName: except InvalidWheelName:
continue continue
if not wheel.is_supported_by_environment(self._env): if not wheel.is_supported_by_environment(self._env):
continue continue
candidates.append( candidates.append(
(wheel.get_minimum_supported_index(self._env.supported_tags), ar chive), (wheel.get_minimum_supported_index(self._env.supported_tags), ar chive),
) )
if not candidates: if not candidates:
return link return None
return min(candidates)[1] return min(candidates)[1]
def get_cached_archives_for_link(self, link): # type: (Link) -> List[Link] def get_cached_archives_for_link(self, link: Link) -> list[Path]:
cache_dir = self.get_cache_directory_for_link(link) cache_dir = self.get_cache_directory_for_link(link)
archive_types = ["whl", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2", "bz2", "zip"] archive_types = ["whl", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2", "bz2", "zip"]
links = [] paths = []
for archive_type in archive_types: for archive_type in archive_types:
for archive in cache_dir.glob("*.{}".format(archive_type)): for archive in cache_dir.glob(f"*.{archive_type}"):
links.append(Link(archive.as_uri())) paths.append(Path(archive))
return links return paths
def get_cache_directory_for_link(self, link): # type: (Link) -> Path def get_cache_directory_for_link(self, link: Link) -> Path:
key_parts = {"url": link.url_without_fragment} key_parts = {"url": link.url_without_fragment}
if link.hash_name is not None and link.hash is not None: if link.hash_name is not None and link.hash is not None:
key_parts[link.hash_name] = link.hash key_parts[link.hash_name] = link.hash
if link.subdirectory_fragment: if link.subdirectory_fragment:
key_parts["subdirectory"] = link.subdirectory_fragment key_parts["subdirectory"] = link.subdirectory_fragment
key_parts["interpreter_name"] = self._env.marker_env["interpreter_name"] key_parts["interpreter_name"] = self._env.marker_env["interpreter_name"]
key_parts["interpreter_version"] = "".join( key_parts["interpreter_version"] = "".join(
 End of changes. 17 change blocks. 
42 lines changed or deleted 19 lines changed or added

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