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About: Pinta is a powerful image drawing and editing program (modeled after Paint.NET).

pinta.appdata.xml.in  (pinta-1.7):pinta.appdata.xml.in  (pinta-1.7.1)
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</_p> </_p>
</description> </description>
<launchable type="desktop-id">pinta.desktop</launchable> <launchable type="desktop-id">pinta.desktop</launchable>
<kudos> <kudos>
<kudo>HiDpiIcon</kudo> <kudo>HiDpiIcon</kudo>
<kudo>HighContrast</kudo> <kudo>HighContrast</kudo>
</kudos> </kudos>
<screenshots> <screenshots>
<screenshot type="default"> <screenshot type="default">
<caption>Main window</caption> <caption>Main window</caption>
<image>https://pinta-project.com/pintaproject/pinta/theme/images/ss1.jpg</ image> <image>https://www.pinta-project.com/theme/images/ss1.png</image>
</screenshot> </screenshot>
</screenshots> </screenshots>
<developer_name>Jonathan Pobst</developer_name> <developer_name>Jonathan Pobst</developer_name>
<url type="bugtracker">https://bugs.launchpad.net/pinta</url> <url type="bugtracker">https://bugs.launchpad.net/pinta</url>
<url type="faq">https://communiroo.com/pintaproject/pinta/questions</url> <url type="faq">https://communiroo.com/pintaproject/pinta/questions</url>
<url type="help">https://pinta-project.com/pintaproject/pinta/howto</url> <url type="help">https://www.pinta-project.com/howto</url>
<url type="homepage">https://pinta-project.com</url> <url type="homepage">https://www.pinta-project.com</url>
<url type="translate">https://translations.launchpad.net/pinta</url> <url type="translate">https://translations.launchpad.net/pinta</url>
<content_rating type="oars-1.0" /> <content_rating type="oars-1.0" />
<translation type="gettext">pinta</translation> <translation type="gettext">pinta</translation>
<provides> <provides>
<binary>pinta</binary> <binary>pinta</binary>
</provides> </provides>
<releases> <releases>
<release version="1.7.1" date="2021-11-20">
<p>New Features / Improvements</p>
<li>The canvas can now be scrolled horizontally by holding Shift while
using the mouse wheel (#141)</li>
<li>The primary and secondary palette colors can now be swapped by pre
ssing X (#147)</li>
<li>Added a more user-friendly dialog when attempting to open an unsup
ported file format (#143, #1856821)</li>
<li>Zooming in and out can now be done without pressing the Ctrl key (
<li>Arrow keys can be used to move by a single pixel in the Move Selec
ted Pixels and Move Selection tools (#1906141)</li>
<li>Shift can now be used to constrain to a uniform scale when scaling
using the Move Selected Pixels tool (#138)</li>
<li>The About dialog now allows easily copying the version information
to the clipboard for use when reporting bugs (#1924249)</li>
<li>Fixed inconsistent behavior when switching between tools that shar
e the same shortcut, such as the selection tools (#144, #1558767)</li>
<li>Improved error messages when the user does not have read or write
permissions for a file (#1715150)</li>
<li>The appdata file is now installed to `/usr/share/metainfo` instead
of the legacy path `/usr/share/appdata` (#186)</li>
<li>Tooltips for tabs now show the full file path instead of only the
file name (#187)</li>
<p>Bug Fixes</p>
<li>Fixed a bug where Auto Crop could incorrectly remove an additional
pixel on the bottom and right side of the image. (#1191390)</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where drawing a single pixel with the Pencil tool used
black instead of the palette color (#1897245)</li>
<li>Fixed issues with the zoom controls when using a French locale (#1
<li>Fixed invalid URLs in `pinta.appdata.xml` (#140, #145)</li>
<li>Added missing release notes to `pinta.appdata.xml` (#142)</li>
<li>Fixed a regression introduced in Pinta 1.7 that could produce blur
red pixels when using the Move Selected Pixels tool (#1904304).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the Rotate / Zoom Layer dialog could leave the l
ayer in a state where all future actions were also transformed (#1905176).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the document might not be marked as modified aft
er certain undo / redo actions (#1905165).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the Move Selected Pixels tool did not handle tra
nsparent pixels correctly (#1905706).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where deselecting via a single click in the select too
l could cause bugs with undoing earlier history items (#1905719).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the initial corner of a rectangle shape could be
cut off (#1922470).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the text tool was not correctly clipped against
the selection (#1910511).</li>
<li>Improved handling of memory allocation failures for large images (
<li>Fixed a bug where the shape tools did not redraw after changes to
the fill style until the cursor entered the canvas (#1937921).</li>
<li>Fixed a crash when opening an invalid palette file (#146, #1890450
<release version="1.7" date="2020-08-04">
<p>New Features / Improvements</p>
<li>Added a tab view to switch between images. The tabs can
also be docked side-by-side or pulled into new
windows. (#94).</li>
<li>The Rotate / Zoom dialog now supports zooming and
panning (#1252756).</li>
<li>Added a Smooth Erase tool, which is enabled using the
Type menu on the Erase tool's toolbar (#110).</li>
<li>The Pencil tool can switch between different blend modes
(#124, #1688743).</li>
<li>Added support for JASC PaintShop Pro palette files
<li>The transform tools can now rotate in fixed increments
by holding Shift (#134).</li>
<li>The Move Selected tool can now scale by holding Ctrl
<li>Dragging and dropping a URL (e.g. image from a web
browser) to download and open the image is now supported
(#80, #644123).</li>
<li>Performance improvements when interacting with
selections, particularly for large images (#1428740).</li>
<li>The Rectangle Select tool now shows different arrow
cursors at each corner of the selection (#1188143).</li>
<li>A new user guide has been written for the Pinta website!
Thanks to @jeneira94, @akaro2424, and @anadvu for their
<li>UI improvements to the New Image dialog (#99,
<li>The Rotate / Zoom dialog now rotates in-place instead of
changing the layer's size.</li>
<li>Cairo blend operations are now used instead of PDN's
managed blend modes (#98, #1248933, #1091910).</li>
<li>The tool windows can now only be closed with the View ->
Tool Windows menu, as it was easy to accidentally close them
without knowing how to recover them (#1428720).</li>
<li>The shortcut for the Intersect selection mode is now Alt
+ Left Click instead of using Shift, which had caused
conflicts with holding Shift to constrain the selection to a
square (#1426660).</li>
<p>Bug Fixes</p>
<li>Fixed many issues where selection changes did not update
correctly (#1438022, #1188924, #1429830, #1098137,
<li>Fixed incorrect behaviour when using the Shift key to
constrain to a square or circle in the Rectangle and Ellipse
tools (#1452607).</li>
<li>The option to expand the canvas when pasting an image
now only changes the canvas size in the dimension where the
pasted image is larger (#1883623).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where Auto Crop used the current layer
instead of the entire image when deciding what to crop, and
takes the selection into account (#1434928, #1434906).</li>
<li>Fixed potential crashes when switching tools without any
open documents (#1425612).</li>
<li>Fixed a potential bug where the OK button in the New
Image dialog could be incorrectly disabled (#1430203).</li>
<li>Fixed a crash when clicking on the Open Images pad after
closing all images (#1430789).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where the Levels dialog closed unexpectedly
when clicking on one of the color checkboxes
<li>The outline width settings on the Text Tool''s toolbar
now only show up if they are relevant to the stroke style
being used (#1426663).</li>
<li>Fixed a potential crash creating gradients
<li>Fixed issues where the selection handles disappeared
after pressing Delete (#1424629).</li>
<li>Fixed several transparency-related issues with
premultiplied alpha (#109, #113, #114, #117, #125).</li>
<li>Corrected display problems in the Move Selected Tool and
live previews for effects (#115).</li>
<li>Add-ins can now load icons correctly (#116).</li>
<li>Fixed strange behaviour when the width or height of a
drawn rounded rectangle is 0 (#112).</li>
<li>Fixed issues with the text tool on OSX (#1425749).</li>
<li>Fixed inconsistent labels in the UI (#1579033).</li>
<li>Fixed issues with the zoom tool under certain locales
(#139, #133, #1464855).</li>
<li>Fixed issues when drawing on very zoomed-in images
(#129, #133).</li>
<li>Fixed issues where brushes could draw outside the
selection (#1775709).</li>
<li>Fixed issues with the docking library (#832395).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where undoing a history item could set the
background palette color to the foreground color
<li>Fixed issues where the zoom level was not maintained
when undoing a Crop to Selection (#1888885).</li>
<li>Fixed an error on newer Mono versions when opening URLs
via the menu items under the Help menu (#1888883).</li>
<li>Fixed some occasional crashes on dragging and dropping
or pasting into a new image (#1838620, #1508777).</li>
<li>Fixed issues where using the Rectangle Select tool after
the Move Selection or Move Selected Pixels tools did not
update correctly (#1889647, #1473430, #1889774).</li>
<release version="1.6" date="2015-03-01"/> <release version="1.6" date="2015-03-01"/>
</releases> </releases>
</component> </component>
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