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Source code changes of the file "embed.fnc" between
perl-5.32.0-RC0.tar.xz and perl-5.32.0-RC1.tar.xz

About: Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Release candidate.

embed.fnc  (perl-5.32.0-RC0.tar.xz):embed.fnc  (perl-5.32.0-RC1.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 2048 skipping to change at line 2048
ETS |bool |is_ssc_worth_it|NN const RExC_state_t * pRExC_state \ ETS |bool |is_ssc_worth_it|NN const RExC_state_t * pRExC_state \
|NN const regnode_ssc * ssc |NN const regnode_ssc * ssc
ES |void |ssc_finalize |NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \ ES |void |ssc_finalize |NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \
|NN regnode_ssc *ssc |NN regnode_ssc *ssc
ES |SSize_t|study_chunk |NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \ ES |SSize_t|study_chunk |NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \
|NN regnode **scanp|NN SSize_t *minlenp \ |NN regnode **scanp|NN SSize_t *minlenp \
|NN SSize_t *deltap|NN regnode *last \ |NN SSize_t *deltap|NN regnode *last \
|NULLOK struct scan_data_t *data \ |NULLOK struct scan_data_t *data \
|I32 stopparen|U32 recursed_depth \ |I32 stopparen|U32 recursed_depth \
|NULLOK regnode_ssc *and_withp \ |NULLOK regnode_ssc *and_withp \
|U32 flags|U32 depth |U32 flags|U32 depth|bool was_mutate_ok
ES |void |rck_elide_nothing|NN regnode *node
ESR |SV * |get_ANYOFM_contents|NN const regnode * n ESR |SV * |get_ANYOFM_contents|NN const regnode * n
ESRT |U32 |add_data |NN RExC_state_t* const pRExC_state \ ESRT |U32 |add_data |NN RExC_state_t* const pRExC_state \
|NN const char* const s|const U32 n |NN const char* const s|const U32 n
frS |void |re_croak |bool utf8|NN const char* pat|... frS |void |re_croak |bool utf8|NN const char* pat|...
ES |int |handle_possible_posix \ ES |int |handle_possible_posix \
|NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \ |NN RExC_state_t *pRExC_state \
|NN const char* const s \ |NN const char* const s \
|NULLOK char ** updated_parse_ptr \ |NULLOK char ** updated_parse_ptr \
|NULLOK AV** posix_warnings \ |NULLOK AV** posix_warnings \
|const bool check_only |const bool check_only
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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