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Source code changes of the file "res/lang/hu.txt" between
peazip-7.9.0.src.zip and peazip-8.0.0.src.zip

About: PeaZip is an OS-portable graphical file archiver, acting as frontend for various open source archiving utilities (incl. its native Pea archive format).

hu.txt  (peazip-7.9.0.src):hu.txt  (peazip-8.0.0.src)
=== PeaZip language file === === PeaZip language file ===
Hungarian - Magyar Hungarian - Magyar
7.9 8.0
Fordító: Zityi's Translator Team Fordító: Zityi's Translator Team
Last rev. by: Giorgio Tani Last rev. by: Giorgio Tani
Last rev.: 20210314 Last rev.: 20210314
=== PeaZip text group === === PeaZip text group ===
txt_8_0_altcol: Alternate grid color
txt_8_0_forcebrowse: Browse non-canonical archive types (containers, disk images
, installers,...)
txt_8_0_commonalgo: Common algorithms
txt_8_0_forceconvert: Convert non-canonical archive types
txt_8_0_defaultactionhint: Default action double-clicking a file associated with
PeaZip from the system
txt_8_0_defaultaction: Default action on start-up
txt_8_0_enableextand: Enable "Extract and open with" submenu
txt_8_0_forcetyping: Force typing passwords interactively
txt_8_0_setpwopt: Set password / keyfile options
txt_8_0_forcetypinghelp: Will run backend binaries in console, cannot browse arc
hives with encrypted filenames. Allows to create scripts that will not run unatt
ended but rather ask user interactively for password.
txt_7_9_spacing: Spacing txt_7_9_spacing: Spacing
txt_7_9_zooming: Zooming txt_7_9_zooming: Zooming
txt_7_8_changelocalization: PeaZip nyelv módosítása txt_7_8_changelocalization: PeaZip nyelv módosítása
txt_7_8_custext: Egyéni kiterjesztés txt_7_8_custext: Egyéni kiterjesztés
txt_7_8_destexistfile: A cél már tartalmaz feldolgozott fájlokat. Lecseréli az a zonos nevű fájlokat? txt_7_8_destexistfile: A cél már tartalmaz feldolgozott fájlokat. Lecseréli az a zonos nevű fájlokat?
txt_7_8_dd: Húzás egérrel txt_7_8_dd: Húzás egérrel
txt_7_8_priorityhigh: Magas txt_7_8_priorityhigh: Magas
txt_7_8_priorityidle: Inaktív txt_7_8_priorityidle: Inaktív
txt_7_8_rel: Interaktív kibontás txt_7_8_rel: Interaktív kibontás
txt_7_8_prioritynormal: Normál txt_7_8_prioritynormal: Normál
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