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Source code changes of the file "src/test/in/trans2" between
pari-2.13.0.tar.gz and pari-2.13.1.tar.gz

About: PARI/GP is a computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory (factorizations, algebraic number theory, elliptic curves...), but also contains a large number of other mathematical functions.

trans2  (pari-2.13.0):trans2  (pari-2.13.1)
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cotan(2) cotan(2)
asin(1+O(x^3)) asin(1+O(x^3))
asin(-1+O(x^3)) asin(-1+O(x^3))
asinh(I+O(x^3)) asinh(I+O(x^3))
asinh(-I+O(x^3)) asinh(-I+O(x^3))
acosh(1+O(x^3)) acosh(1+O(x^3))
acosh(1+x^2+O(x^3)) acosh(1+x^2+O(x^3))
acosh(2+x+O(x^3)) acosh(2+x+O(x^3))
acos(1+O(x^3)) acos(1+O(x^3))
sinh(I) sinh(I)
w=Pi/4; w=Pi/4;
test(z)= my(a=expm1(z),b=exp(z)-1); printf("%.1e\n", abs(a-b)/abs(a)); test(z)= my(a=expm1(z),b=exp(z)-1); printf("%.1e\n", abs(a-b)/abs(a));
for (i=0,7, z=1e-20+i*w; test(z)) for (i=0,7, z=1e-20+i*w; test(z))
for (i=0,7, z=1e-20+i*w+I; test(z)) for (i=0,7, z=1e-20+i*w+I; test(z))
erfc(1/2+I) erfc(1/2+I)
erfc(-1/2+I) erfc(-1/2+I)
expm1(3+O(3^2)) expm1(3+O(3^2))
expm1(x) expm1(x)
expm1(O(x)) expm1(O(x))
expm1(1e-20+x+O(x^2)) expm1(1e-20+x+O(x^2))
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