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Source code changes of the file "linux/make_artifacts.sh" between
pandoc- and pandoc-2.11.2.tar.gz

About: Pandoc converts files from one markup format into another.

make_artifacts.sh  (pandoc-  (pandoc-2.11.2)
skipping to change at line 19 skipping to change at line 19
ARTIFACTS="${ARTIFACTS:-/artifacts}" ARTIFACTS="${ARTIFACTS:-/artifacts}"
# build binaries # build binaries
cabal --version cabal --version
ghc --version ghc --version
cabal v2-update cabal v2-update
cabal v2-clean cabal v2-clean
cabal v2-configure --enable-tests -f-export-dynamic -fstatic -fembed_data_files -fbibutils --enable-executable-static --ghc-options '-optc-Os -optl=-pthread -sp lit-sections' pandoc cabal v2-configure --enable-tests -f-export-dynamic -fembed_data_files --enable- executable-static --ghc-options '-optc-Os -optl=-pthread' pandoc
cabal v2-build cabal v2-build
cabal v2-test -j1 cabal v2-test -j1
for f in $(find dist-newstyle -name 'pandoc' -type f -perm /400); do cp $f /arti facts/; done for f in $(find dist-newstyle -name 'pandoc' -type f -perm /400); do cp $f /arti facts/; done
# make deb # make deb
VERSION=`$ARTIFACTS/pandoc --version | awk '{print $2; exit;}'` VERSION=`$ARTIFACTS/pandoc --version | awk '{print $2; exit;}'`
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