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About: Pandoc converts files from one markup format into another.

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# Revision history for pandoc # Revision history for pandoc
## pandoc 2.11.2 (2020-11-19)
* Default to using ATX (`##`-style) headings for Markdown output
(#6662, Aner Lucero). Previously we used Setext (underlined) headings
by default for levels 1--2.
* Add option `--markdown-headings=atx|setext`, and deprecate
`--atx-headers` (#6662, Aner Lucero).
* Support `markdown-headings` in defaults files.
* Fix corner case in YAML metadata parsing (#6823). Previously YAML
metadata would sometimes not get recognized if a field ended with a
newline followed by spaces.
* `--self-contained`: increase coverage (#6854).
Previously we only self-contained attributes for certain tag names
(`img`, `embed`, `video`, `input`, `audio`, `source`, `track`,
`section`). Now we self-contain any occurrence of `src`,
`data-src`, `poster`, or `data-background-image`, on any tag; and
also `href` on `link` tags.
* Markdown reader:
+ Fix detection of locators following in-text citations.
Prevously, if we had `@foo [p. 33; @bar]`, the `p. 33` would be
incorrectly parsed as a prefix of `@bar` rather than a suffix of
+ Improve period suppression algorithm for citations in notes
in note citation styles (#6835).
+ Don't increment `stateNoteNumber` for example list references.
This helps with #6836 (a bug in which example list references
disturb calculation of citation note number and affect when
`ibid` is triggered).
* LaTeX reader:
+ Move `getNextNumber` from Readers.LaTeX to Readers.LaTeX.Parsing.
+ Fix negative numbers in siunitx commands. A change in pandoc 2.11
broke negative numbers, e.g. `\SI{-33}{\celcius}` or `\num{-3}`.
This fixes the regression.
* DocBook reader: drop period in formalpara title
and put it in a div with class `formalpara-title`, so that
people can reformat with filters (#6562).
* Man reader: improve handling of `.IP` (#6858). We now better handle
`.IP` when it is used with non-bullet, non-numbered lists, creating a
definition list. We also skip blank lines like groff itself.
* Bibtex reader: fall back on `en-US` if locale for LANG not found.
This reproduces earlier pandoc-citeproc behavior (jgm/citeproc#26).
* JATS writer:
+ Wrap all tables (Albert Krewinkel).
All `<table>` elements are put inside `<table-wrap>` elements, as the
former are not valid as immediate child elements of `<body>`.
+ Move Table handling to separate module (Albert Krewinkel).
Adds two new unexported modules:
Text.Pandoc.Writers.JATS.Types, Text.Pandoc.Writers.JATS.Table.
* Org writer:
+ Replace org #+KEYWORDS with #+keywords (TEC).
As of ~2 years ago, lower case keywords became the standard (though
they are handled case insensitive, as always).
+ Update org supported languages and identifiers according to the
current list contained in
* Only use `filterIpynbOutput` if input format is ipynb (#6841).
Before this change content could go missing from divs with class
`output`, even when non-ipynb was being converted.
* When checking reader/writer name, check base name now that we permit
extensions on formats other than markdown.
* Text.Pandoc.PDF: Fix `changePathSeparators` for Windows (#6173).
Previously a path beginning with a drive, like `C:\foo\bar`, was
translated to `C:\/foo/bar`, which caused problems.
With this fix, the backslashes are removed.
* Text.Pandoc.Logging: Add constructor `ATXHeadingInLHS` constructor
to `LogMessage` [API change].
* Fix error that is given when people specify `doc` output (#6834,
* LaTeX template: add a `\break` after parbox in `CSLRightInline`.
This should fix spacing problems between entries with numeric styles.
Also fix number of params on `CSLReferences`.
* reveal.js template: Put quotes around `controlsLayout`,
`controlsBackArrows`, and `display`, since these require strings.
Add `showSlideNumber`, `hashOneBasedIndex`, `pause`.
* Use citeproc 0.2. This fixes a bug with title case around parentheses.
* pandoc.cabal: remove 'static' flag.
This isn't really necessary and can be misleading (e.g. on macOS,
where a fully static build isn't possible). cabal's new option
`--enable-executable-static` does the same. On stack you can add
something like this to the options for your executable in package.yaml:
ld-options: -static -pthread
* Remove obsolete bibutils flag setting in `linux/make_artifacts.sh`.
* Manual:
+ Correct `link-citation` -> `link-citations`.
+ Add a sentence about `pagetitle` for HTML (#6843, Alex Toldaiev).
* INSTALL.md: Remove references to `pandoc-citeproc` (#6857).
* CONTRIBUTING: describe hlint and how it's used (#6840, Albert
## pandoc (2020-11-07) ## pandoc (2020-11-07)
* Citeproc: improve punctuation in in-text note citations (#6813). * Citeproc: improve punctuation in in-text note citations (#6813).
Previously in-text note citations inside a footnote would sometimes have Previously in-text note citations inside a footnote would sometimes have
the final period stripped, even if it was needed (e.g. on the end of the final period stripped, even if it was needed (e.g. on the end of
'ibid'). 'ibid').
* Use citeproc This improves the decision about when * Use citeproc This improves the decision about when
to use `ibid` in cases where citations are used inside to use `ibid` in cases where citations are used inside
a footnote (#6813). a footnote (#6813).
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