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Source code changes of the file "CPP/7zip/UI/Common/UpdateCallback.cpp" between
p7zip_15.14.1_src_all.tar.gz and p7zip_16.02_src_all.tar.gz

About: p7zip is a command-line file archiver with a high compression ratio (a port of the Windows program 7za.exe).

UpdateCallback.cpp  (p7zip_15.14.1_src_all):UpdateCallback.cpp  (p7zip_16.02_src_all)
skipping to change at line 220 skipping to change at line 220
propID == kpidNtReparse) propID == kpidNtReparse)
{ {
if (StdInMode) if (StdInMode)
return S_OK; return S_OK;
const CUpdatePair2 &up = (*UpdatePairs)[index]; const CUpdatePair2 &up = (*UpdatePairs)[index];
if (up.UseArcProps && up.ExistInArchive() && Arc->GetRawProps) if (up.UseArcProps && up.ExistInArchive() && Arc->GetRawProps)
return Arc->GetRawProps->GetRawProp( return Arc->GetRawProps->GetRawProp(
ArcItems ? (*ArcItems)[up.ArcIndex].IndexInServer : up.ArcIndex, ArcItems ? (*ArcItems)[up.ArcIndex].IndexInServer : up.ArcIndex,
propID, data, dataSize, propType); propID, data, dataSize, propType);
{ {
const CUpdatePair2 &up = (*UpdatePairs)[index];
/* /*
if (!up.NewData) if (!up.NewData)
return E_FAIL; return E_FAIL;
*/ */
if (up.IsAnti) if (up.IsAnti)
return S_OK; return S_OK;
#ifndef UNDER_CE #ifndef UNDER_CE
const CDirItem &di = DirItems->Items[up.DirIndex]; const CDirItem &di = DirItems->Items[up.DirIndex];
#endif #endif
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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