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Source code changes of the file "CPP/7zip/Compress/Bcj2Coder.h" between
p7zip_15.14.1_src_all.tar.gz and p7zip_16.02_src_all.tar.gz

About: p7zip is a command-line file archiver with a high compression ratio (a port of the Windows program 7za.exe).

Bcj2Coder.h  (p7zip_15.14.1_src_all):Bcj2Coder.h  (p7zip_16.02_src_all)
skipping to change at line 74 skipping to change at line 74
public ICompressSetInStream2, public ICompressSetInStream2,
public ISequentialInStream, public ISequentialInStream,
public ICompressSetOutStreamSize, public ICompressSetOutStreamSize,
public ICompressSetBufSize, public ICompressSetBufSize,
public CMyUnknownImp, public CMyUnknownImp,
public CBaseCoder public CBaseCoder
{ {
unsigned _extraReadSizes[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS]; unsigned _extraReadSizes[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS];
UInt64 _inStreamsProcessed[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS]; UInt64 _inStreamsProcessed[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS];
CMyComPtr<ISequentialInStream> inStreams[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS]; CMyComPtr<ISequentialInStream> _inStreams[BCJ2_NUM_STREAMS];
bool _finishMode; bool _finishMode;
bool _outSizeDefined; bool _outSizeDefined;
UInt64 _outSize; UInt64 _outSize;
UInt64 _outSize_Processed; UInt64 _outSize_Processed;
CBcj2Dec dec; CBcj2Dec dec;
void InitCommon(); void InitCommon();
// HRESULT ReadSpec(); // HRESULT ReadSpec();
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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