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Source code changes of the file "CPP/7zip/Bundles/SFXCon/SfxCon.cpp" between
p7zip_15.14.1_src_all.tar.gz and p7zip_16.02_src_all.tar.gz

About: p7zip is a command-line file archiver with a high compression ratio (a port of the Windows program 7za.exe).

SfxCon.cpp  (p7zip_15.14.1_src_all):SfxCon.cpp  (p7zip_16.02_src_all)
skipping to change at line 367 skipping to change at line 367
wildcardCensor.Pairs.Front().Head; wildcardCensor.Pairs.Front().Head;
CCodecs *codecs = new CCodecs; CCodecs *codecs = new CCodecs;
CMyComPtr< CMyComPtr<
ICompressCodecsInfo ICompressCodecsInfo
#else #else
IUnknown IUnknown
#endif #endif
> compressCodecsInfo = codecs; > compressCodecsInfo = codecs;
HRESULT result = codecs->Load(); {
if (result != S_OK) HRESULT result = codecs->Load();
throw CSystemException(result); if (result != S_OK)
throw CSystemException(result);
if (command.CommandType != NCommandType::kList) if (command.CommandType != NCommandType::kList)
{ {
CExtractCallbackConsole *ecs = new CExtractCallbackConsole; CExtractCallbackConsole *ecs = new CExtractCallbackConsole;
CMyComPtr<IFolderArchiveExtractCallback> extractCallback = ecs; CMyComPtr<IFolderArchiveExtractCallback> extractCallback = ecs;
ecs->Init(g_StdStream, &g_StdErr, g_StdStream); ecs->Init(g_StdStream, &g_StdErr, g_StdStream);
#ifndef _NO_CRYPTO #ifndef _NO_CRYPTO
ecs->PasswordIsDefined = passwordEnabled; ecs->PasswordIsDefined = passwordEnabled;
ecs->Password = password; ecs->Password = password;
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 5 lines changed or added

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