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About: ownCloud Client (formerly "mirall") is a tool to synchronize files from ownCloud Server with your desktop client. It uses OCSync as its syncing backend.

testprotocolmodel.cpp  (ownCloud-  (ownCloud-
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namespace OCC { namespace OCC {
class TestProtocolModel : public QObject class TestProtocolModel : public QObject
{ {
private Q_SLOTS: private Q_SLOTS:
void testInsertAndRemove() void testInsertAndRemove()
{ {
auto model = new ProtocolItemModel(this, false); auto model = new ProtocolItemModel(300, false, this);
new QAbstractItemModelTester(model, this); new QAbstractItemModelTester(model, this);
QTemporaryDir dir; QTemporaryDir dir;
auto account = TestUtils::createDummyAccount(); auto account = TestUtils::createDummyAccount();
AccountStatePtr newAccountState(new AccountState(account)); AccountStatePtr newAccountState(new AccountState(account));
const QDir d(dir.path()); const QDir d(dir.path());
QVERIFY(d.mkdir("foo")); QVERIFY(d.mkdir("foo"));
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