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Source code changes of the file "scripts/test/Selenium/Agent/Admin/AdminSystemAddress.t" between
otrs-5.0.39.tar.bz2 and otrs-5.0.40.tar.bz2

About: OTRS (formerly "Open Ticket Request System" now "Open Technology – Real Service") is a web-based ticketing systems used for Customer Service, Help Desk, IT Service Management. 5.x release ("Community Edition").

AdminSystemAddress.t  (otrs-5.0.39.tar.bz2):AdminSystemAddress.t  (otrs-5.0.40.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 111 skipping to change at line 111
# create real test SystemAddress # create real test SystemAddress
my $SysAddRandom = 'sysadd' . $Helper->GetRandomID() . '@localhost.com' ; my $SysAddRandom = 'sysadd' . $Helper->GetRandomID() . '@localhost.com' ;
my $SysAddComment = "Selenium test SystemAddress"; my $SysAddComment = "Selenium test SystemAddress";
$Selenium->find_element( "#Name", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom); $Selenium->find_element( "#Name", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom);
$Selenium->find_element( "#Realname", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom); $Selenium->find_element( "#Realname", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom);
$Selenium->execute_script("\$('#QueueID').val('$QueueID').trigger('redra w.InputField').trigger('change');"); $Selenium->execute_script("\$('#QueueID').val('$QueueID').trigger('redra w.InputField').trigger('change');");
$Selenium->find_element( "#Comment", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddComment); $Selenium->find_element( "#Comment", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddComment);
$Selenium->find_element("//button[\@value='Submit'][\@type='submit']")-> VerifiedClick(); $Selenium->find_element("//button[\@value='Submit'][\@type='submit']")-> VerifiedClick();
ElementExists => " //a[contains(.,'$SysAddRandom')]"
# check for created test SystemAddress # check for created test SystemAddress
$Self->True( $Self->True(
index( $Selenium->get_page_source(), $SysAddRandom ) > -1, index( $Selenium->get_page_source(), $SysAddRandom ) > -1,
"$SysAddRandom found on page", "$SysAddRandom found on page",
); );
# click 'Add system address' # click 'Add system address'
$Selenium->find_element("//a[contains(\@href, \'Action=AdminSystemAddres s;Subaction=Add')]")->VerifiedClick(); $Selenium->find_element("//a[contains(\@href, \'Action=AdminSystemAddres s;Subaction=Add')]")->VerifiedClick();
$Selenium->find_element( "#Name", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom); $Selenium->find_element( "#Name", 'css' )->send_keys($SysAddRandom);
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0 lines changed or deleted 4 lines changed or added

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