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Source code changes report for "otp (doc_man)" between the packages
otp_doc_man_26.0.1.tar.gz and otp_doc_man_26.0.2.tar.gz

About: Erlang/OTP is a development environment for building distributed real-time high availability systems. Erlang is a general-purpose programming language and runtime environment. OTP (Open Telecom Platform) is a large collection of libraries for Erlang to do everything from compiling ASN.1 to providing a WWW server. Man pages.


The "otp (doc_man)" source code changed by about 0.0% and still consists of 582 regular files and 5 directories.

Related Informations:

None found by Fossies.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Man page 582 0 0 0
Directory 5 0 0 0
Total Files587000

Packages Compared:


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