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Source code changes of the file ".circleci/config.yml" between
ospd-2.0.0.tar.gz and ospd-2.0.1.tar.gz

About: OSPd is a base class for scanner wrappers which share the same communication protocol: OSP (OpenVAS Scanner Protocol).

config.yml  (ospd-2.0.0):config.yml  (ospd-2.0.1)
skipping to change at line 72 skipping to change at line 72
pipenv run coverage run -m unittest pipenv run coverage run -m unittest
- run: - run:
name: Upload coverage to Codecov name: Upload coverage to Codecov
command: pipenv run codecov command: pipenv run codecov
lint: lint:
description: "Lint python files" description: "Lint python files"
steps: steps:
- checkout - checkout
- run: - run:
name: Install dependencies name: Install dependencies
command: pipenv install command: pipenv install --dev
- run: - run:
name: Install pylint name: Check formatting with black
command: | command: pipenv run black --check ospd
pipenv run pip install pylint
- run: - run:
name: Run pylint name: Run pylint
command: | command: |
pipenv run pylint --score=n --disable=R ospd pipenv run pylint --score=n --disable=R ospd
jobs: jobs:
lint-python-files: lint-python-files:
executor: python-36 executor: python-36
steps: steps:
- lint - lint
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