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Source code changes of the file "cyborg/tests/unit/api/base.py" between
openstack-cyborg-8.0.0.tar.gz and openstack-cyborg-9.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Cyborg provides a general purpose management framework for acceleration resources.
The "Zed" series (latest release).

base.py  (openstack-cyborg-8.0.0):base.py  (openstack-cyborg-9.0.0)
skipping to change at line 138 skipping to change at line 138
""" """
ct = context.to_dict() ct = context.to_dict()
ct.update(kw) ct.update(kw)
if ct.get("is_admin"): if ct.get("is_admin"):
role = "admin" role = "admin"
else: else:
role = "user" role = "user"
headers = { headers = {
'X-User-Name': ct.get("user_name") or "user", 'X-User-Name': ct.get("user_name") or "user",
'X-User-Id': 'X-User-Id':
ct.get("user") or "1d6d686bc2c949ddb685ffb4682e0047", ct.get("user_id") or "1d6d686bc2c949ddb685ffb4682e0047",
'X-Project-Name': ct.get("project_name") or "no_project_name", 'X-Project-Name': ct.get("project_name") or "no_project_name",
'X-Project-Id': 'X-Project-Id':
ct.get("tenant") or "86f64f561b6d4f479655384572727f70", ct.get("project_id") or "86f64f561b6d4f479655384572727f70",
'X-User-Domain-Id': 'X-User-Domain-Id':
ct.get("domain_id") or "bd5eeb7d0fb046daaf694b36f4df5518", ct.get("domain_id") or "bd5eeb7d0fb046daaf694b36f4df5518",
'X-User-Domain-Name': ct.get("domain_name") or "no_domain", 'X-User-Domain-Name': ct.get("domain_name") or "no_domain",
'X-Auth-Token': 'X-Auth-Token':
ct.get("auth_token") or "b9764005b8c145bf972634fb16a826e8", ct.get("auth_token") or "b9764005b8c145bf972634fb16a826e8",
'X-Roles': ct.get("roles") or role, 'X-Roles': ct.get("roles") or role,
} }
if ct.get('system_scope') == 'all': if ct.get('system_scope') == 'all':
headers.update({'Openstack-System-Scope': 'all'}) headers.update({'Openstack-System-Scope': 'all'})
return headers return headers
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