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About: OpenStack Cyborg provides a general purpose management framework for acceleration resources.
The "Xena" series (latest release).

index.rst  (openstack-cyborg-6.0.0):index.rst  (openstack-cyborg-7.0.0)
=========================== ===========================
OpenStack Acceleration APIs OpenStack Acceleration APIs
=========================== ===========================
This is a reference for the OpenStack Acceleration API which is provided by This is a reference for the OpenStack Acceleration v2 API which is provided
the Cyborg project. by the Cyborg project. Starting from Ussuri, Cyborg supports only Version 2
REST APIs. The Version 1 APIs were deprecated in Train and shall be removed
in Ussuri.
.. toctree:: .. rest_expand_all::
:maxdepth: 1
v2/index .. include:: device_profile.inc
.. include:: arqs.inc
.. include:: devices.inc
.. include:: deployables.inc
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