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Source code changes of the file "test/certs/embeddedSCTs1.sct" between
openssl-1.1.1o.tar.gz and openssl-1.1.1p.tar.gz

About: OpenSSL is a toolkit implementing the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols (including SSLv3) as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptographic library. Long Term Support (LTS) version (includes support for TLSv1.3).

embeddedSCTs1.sct  (openssl-1.1.1o):embeddedSCTs1.sct  (openssl-1.1.1p)
Signed Certificate Timestamp: Signed Certificate Timestamp:
Version : v1 (0x0) Version : v1 (0x0)
Log ID : DF:1C:2E:C1:15:00:94:52:47:A9:61:68:32:5D:DC:5C: Log ID : DF:1C:2E:C1:15:00:94:52:47:A9:61:68:32:5D:DC:5C:
79:59:E8:F7:C6:D3:88:FC:00:2E:0B:BD:3F:74:D7:64 79:59:E8:F7:C6:D3:88:FC:00:2E:0B:BD:3F:74:D7:64
Timestamp : Apr 5 17:04:16.275 2013 GMT Timestamp : Jan 1 00:00:00.000 2020 GMT
Extensions: none Extensions: none
Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256 Signature : ecdsa-with-SHA256
30:45:02:20:48:2F:67:51:AF:35:DB:A6:54:36:BE:1F: 30:45:02:20:7C:33:E8:F1:10:2B:9B:FB:DC:48:46:7A:
D6:64:0F:3D:BF:9A:41:42:94:95:92:45:30:28:8F:A3: D3:C4:35:BB:E5:D0:E7:94:01:BB:AE:D2:64:4B:99:C4:
E5:E2:3E:06:02:21:00:E4:ED:C0:DB:3A:C5:72:B1:E2: BA:5B:50:CD:02:21:00:D1:B2:07:13:B9:DE:0F:0F:2F:
F5:E8:AB:6A:68:06:53:98:7D:CF:41:02:7D:FE:FF:A1: 02:82:0F:A5:1D:E0:12:ED:4C:60:48:A0:5B:58:0C:E7:
05:51:9D:89:ED:BF:08 60:EB:A8:AF:03:5E:C3
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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