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Source code changes of the file "modules/cachedb_mongodb/cachedb_mongodb_dbase.c" between
opensips-3.2.0-rc1.tar.gz and opensips-3.2.0.tar.gz

About: OpenSIPS is a multi-functional, multi-purpose signaling SIP Server (Session Initiation Protocol). It can act as SIP Router/Switch, SIP Registrar, Application Server, Redirect Server, Load Balancer / Dispatcher, Back-to-Back User Agent, Presence Server, IM Server, Session Border Controller, SIP Front-End, NAT traversal Server, IP Gateway (SMS, XMPP) and others.

cachedb_mongodb_dbase.c  (opensips-3.2.0-rc1):cachedb_mongodb_dbase.c  (opensips-3.2.0)
skipping to change at line 364 skipping to change at line 364
return mongo_con_remove(con, attr); return mongo_con_remove(con, attr);
} }
int mongo_raw_find(cachedb_con *con, bson_t *raw_query, bson_iter_t *ns, int mongo_raw_find(cachedb_con *con, bson_t *raw_query, bson_iter_t *ns,
cdb_raw_entry ***reply, int expected_kv_no, int *reply_no) cdb_raw_entry ***reply, int expected_kv_no, int *reply_no)
{ {
struct json_object *obj = NULL; struct json_object *obj = NULL;
mongoc_collection_t *col = NULL; mongoc_collection_t *col = NULL;
bson_iter_t iter; bson_iter_t iter;
bson_t _query, *query = NULL, *opts = NULL, proj; bson_t _query, *query = NULL, *opts = NULL, proj;
mongoc_cursor_t *cursor; mongoc_cursor_t *cursor = NULL;
struct timeval start; struct timeval start;
const bson_value_t *v; const bson_value_t *v;
const bson_t *doc; const bson_t *doc;
int i, len, csz = 0, ret = -1; int i, len, csz = 0, ret = -1;
const char *p; const char *p;
if (bson_iter_type(ns) != BSON_TYPE_UTF8) { if (bson_iter_type(ns) != BSON_TYPE_UTF8) {
LM_ERR("collection name must be a string (%d)!\n", bson_iter_type (ns)); LM_ERR("collection name must be a string (%d)!\n", bson_iter_type (ns));
return -1; return -1;
} }
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