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Source code changes of the file "src/imm/immnd/immnd_init.h" between
opensaf-5.21.06.tar.gz and opensaf-5.21.09.tar.gz

About: OpenSAF is a project focused on Service Availability (SA) that develops middleware based on open and industry standard interfaces for applications requiring uninterrupted 24x7 service.

immnd_init.h  (opensaf-5.21.06):immnd_init.h  (opensaf-5.21.09)
skipping to change at line 428 skipping to change at line 428
void immModel_discardContinuations(IMMND_CB *cb, SaUint32T deadConn); void immModel_discardContinuations(IMMND_CB *cb, SaUint32T deadConn);
bool immModel_immNotWritable(IMMND_CB *cb); bool immModel_immNotWritable(IMMND_CB *cb);
bool immModel_pbeIsInSync(IMMND_CB *cb, bool checkCriticalCcbs); bool immModel_pbeIsInSync(IMMND_CB *cb, bool checkCriticalCcbs);
SaImmRepositoryInitModeT immModel_getRepositoryInitMode(IMMND_CB *cb); SaImmRepositoryInitModeT immModel_getRepositoryInitMode(IMMND_CB *cb);
unsigned int immModel_getMaxSyncBatchSize(IMMND_CB *cb); unsigned int immModel_getMaxSyncBatchSize(IMMND_CB *cb);
SaTimeT immModel_getSyncrTimeout(IMMND_CB *cb);
SaAisErrorT immModel_rtObjectCreate(IMMND_CB *cb, SaAisErrorT immModel_rtObjectCreate(IMMND_CB *cb,
struct ImmsvOmCcbObjectCreate *req, struct ImmsvOmCcbObjectCreate *req,
SaUint32T implConn, SaClmNodeIdT implNodeId, SaUint32T implConn, SaClmNodeIdT implNodeId,
SaUint32T *continuationId, SaUint32T *continuationId,
SaUint32T *pbeConn, SaClmNodeIdT *pbeNodeId, SaUint32T *pbeConn, SaClmNodeIdT *pbeNodeId,
SaUint32T *spAplConn, SaUint32T *pbe2BConn, SaUint32T *spAplConn, SaUint32T *pbe2BConn,
bool isObjectDnUsed); bool isObjectDnUsed);
SaAisErrorT immModel_rtObjectDelete( SaAisErrorT immModel_rtObjectDelete(
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