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Source code changes of the file "src/amf/amfd/csi.cc" between
opensaf-5.21.06.tar.gz and opensaf-5.21.09.tar.gz

About: OpenSAF is a project focused on Service Availability (SA) that develops middleware based on open and industry standard interfaces for applications requiring uninterrupted 24x7 service.

csi.cc  (opensaf-5.21.06):csi.cc  (opensaf-5.21.09)
skipping to change at line 1567 skipping to change at line 1567
* @return SA_AIS_OK when OK * @return SA_AIS_OK when OK
*/ */
SaAisErrorT avd_compcsi_recreate(AVSV_N2D_ND_CSICOMP_STATE_MSG_INFO *info) { SaAisErrorT avd_compcsi_recreate(AVSV_N2D_ND_CSICOMP_STATE_MSG_INFO *info) {
AVD_COMP *comp; AVD_COMP *comp;
AVD_CSI *csi; AVD_CSI *csi;
const AVSV_CSICOMP_STATE_MSG *csicomp; const AVSV_CSICOMP_STATE_MSG *csicomp;
const AVSV_COMP_STATE_MSG *comp_state; const AVSV_COMP_STATE_MSG *comp_state;
AVD_AVND *node = avd_node_find_nodeid(info->node_id);
if (node == 0) {
LOG_ER("Node %" PRIx32 " has left the cluster", info->node_id);
for (csicomp = info->csicomp_list; csicomp != nullptr; for (csicomp = info->csicomp_list; csicomp != nullptr;
csicomp = csicomp->next) { csicomp = csicomp->next) {
csi = csi_db->find(Amf::to_string(&csicomp->safCSI)); csi = csi_db->find(Amf::to_string(&csicomp->safCSI));
osafassert(csi); osafassert(csi);
comp = comp_db->find(Amf::to_string(&csicomp->safComp)); comp = comp_db->find(Amf::to_string(&csicomp->safComp));
osafassert(comp); osafassert(comp);
TRACE("Received CSICOMP state msg: csi %s, comp %s", TRACE("Received CSICOMP state msg: csi %s, comp %s",
osaf_extended_name_borrow(&csicomp->safCSI), osaf_extended_name_borrow(&csicomp->safCSI),
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 6 lines changed or added

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