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Source code changes of the file "WebUI/Scheduler/LSWScheduler/LSWSchedulerDateTitle.m" between
opengroupware-5.5rc2.tar.gz and opengroupware-5.5rc3.tar.gz

About: OpenGroupware is a branch of the "traditional" OpenGroupware collaboration system (developed in Objective-C on SOPE). Release candidate.

LSWSchedulerDateTitle.m  (opengroupware-5.5rc2):LSWSchedulerDateTitle.m  (opengroupware-5.5rc3)
skipping to change at line 263 skipping to change at line 263
alt = calFormat != nil ? [alt stringByAppendingString:calFormat] : alt; alt = calFormat != nil ? [alt stringByAppendingString:calFormat] : alt;
[_response appendContentString: [_response appendContentString:
@"[<a class=\"skydatetitlenewlink\" href=\""]; @"[<a class=\"skydatetitlenewlink\" href=\""];
serial++; serial++;
tz = [[d timeZone] abbreviation]; tz = [[d timeZone] abbreviation];
tz = [tz stringByEscapingURL]; tz = [tz stringByEscapingURL];
url = [NSString stringWithFormat: url = [NSString stringWithFormat:
@"year=%i&month=%i&day=%i&hour=11&" @"year=%"PRIiPTR"&month=%"PRIiPTR"&day=%"PRIiPTR"&hour=1 1&"
@"tz=%@&c=%@&%@=%@", @"tz=%@&c=%@&%@=%@",
[d yearOfCommonEra], [d yearOfCommonEra],
[d monthOfYear], [d monthOfYear],
[d dayOfMonth], [d dayOfMonth],
tz, tz,
[_ctx contextID], [_ctx contextID],
WORequestValueSessionID, WORequestValueSessionID,
[[_ctx session] sessionID]]; [[_ctx session] sessionID]];
url = [_ctx urlWithRequestHandlerKey:@"wa" url = [_ctx urlWithRequestHandlerKey:@"wa"
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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