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Source code changes of the file "SOPE/NGXmlRpc/NGXmlRpcAction.m" between
opengroupware-5.5rc2.tar.gz and opengroupware-5.5rc3.tar.gz

About: OpenGroupware is a branch of the "traditional" OpenGroupware collaboration system (developed in Objective-C on SOPE). Release candidate.

NGXmlRpcAction.m  (opengroupware-5.5rc2):NGXmlRpcAction.m  (opengroupware-5.5rc3)
skipping to change at line 372 skipping to change at line 372
if ((sel = [self selectorForXmlRpcAction:_name parameters:_params]) ==NULL) { if ((sel = [self selectorForXmlRpcAction:_name parameters:_params]) ==NULL) {
/* return a fault .. */ /* return a fault .. */
NSString *r; NSString *r;
NSDictionary *ui; NSDictionary *ui;
[self debugWithFormat:@"found no selector for XML-RPC action %@", _name]; [self debugWithFormat:@"found no selector for XML-RPC action %@", _name];
ui = nil; ui = nil;
r = [NSString stringWithFormat: r = [NSString stringWithFormat:
@"found no XML-RPC method named '%@' " @"found no XML-RPC method named '%@' "
@"(%i parameters, component=%@)", @"(%"PRIuPTR" parameters, component=%@)",
n, [_params count], [self xmlrpcComponentNamespace]]; n, [_params count], [self xmlrpcComponentNamespace]];
return [NSException exceptionWithName:@"NoSuchXmlRpcMethod" return [NSException exceptionWithName:@"NoSuchXmlRpcMethod"
reason:r reason:r
userInfo:ui]; userInfo:ui];
} }
sign = [[self class] instanceMethodSignatureForSelector:sel]; sign = [[self class] instanceMethodSignatureForSelector:sel];
invo = [NSInvocation invocationWithMethodSignature:sign]; invo = [NSInvocation invocationWithMethodSignature:sign];
[invo setSelector:sel]; [invo setSelector:sel];
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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