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Source code changes of the file "octavia/common/data_models.py" between
octavia-7.1.1.tar.gz and octavia-8.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Octavia is an operator-grade reference implementation for Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS).
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

data_models.py  (octavia-7.1.1):data_models.py  (octavia-8.0.0)
skipping to change at line 290 skipping to change at line 290
class Pool(BaseDataModel): class Pool(BaseDataModel):
def __init__(self, id=None, project_id=None, name=None, description=None, def __init__(self, id=None, project_id=None, name=None, description=None,
protocol=None, lb_algorithm=None, enabled=None, protocol=None, lb_algorithm=None, enabled=None,
operating_status=None, members=None, health_monitor=None, operating_status=None, members=None, health_monitor=None,
session_persistence=None, load_balancer_id=None, session_persistence=None, load_balancer_id=None,
load_balancer=None, listeners=None, l7policies=None, load_balancer=None, listeners=None, l7policies=None,
created_at=None, updated_at=None, provisioning_status=None, created_at=None, updated_at=None, provisioning_status=None,
tags=None, tls_certificate_id=None, tags=None, tls_certificate_id=None,
ca_tls_certificate_id=None, crl_container_id=None, ca_tls_certificate_id=None, crl_container_id=None,
tls_enabled=None, tls_ciphers=None, tls_versions=None): tls_enabled=None, tls_ciphers=None, tls_versions=None,
self.id = id self.id = id
self.project_id = project_id self.project_id = project_id
self.name = name self.name = name
self.description = description self.description = description
self.load_balancer_id = load_balancer_id self.load_balancer_id = load_balancer_id
self.load_balancer = load_balancer self.load_balancer = load_balancer
self.protocol = protocol self.protocol = protocol
self.lb_algorithm = lb_algorithm self.lb_algorithm = lb_algorithm
self.enabled = enabled self.enabled = enabled
self.operating_status = operating_status self.operating_status = operating_status
skipping to change at line 316 skipping to change at line 317
self.created_at = created_at self.created_at = created_at
self.updated_at = updated_at self.updated_at = updated_at
self.provisioning_status = provisioning_status self.provisioning_status = provisioning_status
self.tags = tags self.tags = tags
self.tls_certificate_id = tls_certificate_id self.tls_certificate_id = tls_certificate_id
self.ca_tls_certificate_id = ca_tls_certificate_id self.ca_tls_certificate_id = ca_tls_certificate_id
self.crl_container_id = crl_container_id self.crl_container_id = crl_container_id
self.tls_enabled = tls_enabled self.tls_enabled = tls_enabled
self.tls_ciphers = tls_ciphers self.tls_ciphers = tls_ciphers
self.tls_versions = tls_versions self.tls_versions = tls_versions
self.alpn_protocols = alpn_protocols
def update(self, update_dict): def update(self, update_dict):
for key, value in update_dict.items(): for key, value in update_dict.items():
if key == 'session_persistence': if key == 'session_persistence':
if value is None or value == {}: if value is None or value == {}:
if self.session_persistence is not None: if self.session_persistence is not None:
self.session_persistence.delete() self.session_persistence.delete()
elif self.session_persistence is not None: elif self.session_persistence is not None:
self.session_persistence.update(value) self.session_persistence.update(value)
else: else:
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1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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