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Source code changes of the file "octavia/db/repositories.py" between
octavia-2.0.3.tar.gz and octavia-2.0.4.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Octavia is an operator-grade reference implementation for Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS).
The "Queens" series (maintained release).

repositories.py  (octavia-2.0.3):repositories.py  (octavia-2.0.4)
skipping to change at line 980 skipping to change at line 980
cert_busy=False).filter( cert_busy=False).filter(
self.model_class.cert_expiration < expired_date).first() self.model_class.cert_expiration < expired_date).first()
if amp is None: if amp is None:
return None return None
amp.cert_busy = True amp.cert_busy = True
return amp.to_data_model() return amp.to_data_model()
def get_lb_for_health_update(self, session, amphora_id):
"""This method is for the health manager status update process.
This is a time sensitive query that occurs often.
It is an explicit query as the ORM produces a poorly
optimized query.
Use extreme caution making any changes to this query
as it can impact the scalability of the health manager.
All changes should be analyzed using SQL "EXPLAIN" to
make sure only indexes are being used.
Changes should also be evaluated using the stressHM tool.
Note: The returned object is flat and not a graph representation
of the load balancer as it is not needed. This is on
purpose to optimize the processing time. This is not in
the normal data model objects.
:param session: A Sql Alchemy database session.
:param amphora_id: The amphora ID to lookup the load balancer for.
:returns: A dictionary containing the required load balancer details.
rows = session.execute(
"SELECT load_balancer.id, load_balancer.enabled, "
"load_balancer.provisioning_status AS lb_prov_status, "
"load_balancer.operating_status AS lb_op_status, "
"listener.id AS list_id, "
"listener.operating_status AS list_op_status, "
"pool.id AS pool_id, "
"pool.operating_status AS pool_op_status, "
"member.id AS member_id, "
"member.operating_status AS mem_op_status from "
"amphora JOIN load_balancer ON "
"amphora.load_balancer_id = load_balancer.id LEFT JOIN "
"listener ON load_balancer.id = listener.load_balancer_id "
"LEFT JOIN pool ON load_balancer.id = pool.load_balancer_id "
"LEFT JOIN member ON pool.id = member.pool_id WHERE "
"amphora.id = :amp_id AND amphora.status != :deleted AND "
"load_balancer.provisioning_status != :deleted;",
{'amp_id': amphora_id, 'deleted': consts.DELETED}).fetchall()
lb = {}
listeners = {}
pools = {}
for row in rows:
if not lb:
lb['id'] = row['id']
lb['enabled'] = row['enabled'] == 1
lb['provisioning_status'] = row['lb_prov_status']
lb['operating_status'] = row['lb_op_status']
if row['list_id'] and row['list_id'] not in listeners:
listener = {'operating_status': row['list_op_status']}
listeners[row['list_id']] = listener
if row['pool_id']:
if row['pool_id'] in pools and row['member_id']:
member = {'operating_status': row['mem_op_status']}
pools[row['pool_id']]['members'][row['member_id']] = member
pool = {'operating_status': row['pool_op_status'],
'members': {}}
if row['member_id']:
member = {'operating_status': row['mem_op_status']}
pool['members'][row['member_id']] = member
pools[row['pool_id']] = pool
if listeners:
lb['listeners'] = listeners
if pools:
lb['pools'] = pools
return lb
class AmphoraBuildReqRepository(BaseRepository): class AmphoraBuildReqRepository(BaseRepository):
model_class = models.AmphoraBuildRequest model_class = models.AmphoraBuildRequest
def add_to_build_queue(self, session, amphora_id=None, priority=None): def add_to_build_queue(self, session, amphora_id=None, priority=None):
"""Adds the build request to the table.""" """Adds the build request to the table."""
with session.begin(subtransactions=True): with session.begin(subtransactions=True):
model = self.model_class(amphora_id=amphora_id, priority=priority) model = self.model_class(amphora_id=amphora_id, priority=priority)
session.add(model) session.add(model)
def update_req_status(self, session, amphora_id=None): def update_req_status(self, session, amphora_id=None):
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