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Source code changes of the file "nss/lib/ssl/sslsecur.c" between
nss-3.61.tar.gz and nss-3.62.tar.gz

About: NSS is a set of libraries, APIs, utilities, and documentation designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. It provides a complete implementation of the crypto libraries used by Mozilla and other companies.

sslsecur.c  (nss-3.61):sslsecur.c  (nss-3.62)
skipping to change at line 186 skipping to change at line 186
ssl3_DestroyRemoteExtensions(&ss->ssl3.hs.echOuterExtensions); ssl3_DestroyRemoteExtensions(&ss->ssl3.hs.echOuterExtensions);
ssl3_ResetExtensionData(&ss->xtnData, ss); ssl3_ResetExtensionData(&ss->xtnData, ss);
tls13_ResetHandshakePsks(ss, &ss->ssl3.hs.psks); tls13_ResetHandshakePsks(ss, &ss->ssl3.hs.psks);
if (ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx) { if (ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx) {
PK11_HPKE_DestroyContext(ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx, PR_TRUE); PK11_HPKE_DestroyContext(ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx, PR_TRUE);
ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx = NULL; ss->ssl3.hs.echHpkeCtx = NULL;
PORT_Assert(ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName); PORT_Assert(ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName);
PORT_Free((void *)ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName); /* CONST */ PORT_Free((void *)ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName); /* CONST */
ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName = NULL; ss->ssl3.hs.echPublicName = NULL;
} }
if (!ss->TCPconnected) if (!ss->TCPconnected)
ss->TCPconnected = (PR_SUCCESS == ssl_DefGetpeername(ss, &addr)); ss->TCPconnected = (PR_SUCCESS == ssl_DefGetpeername(ss, &addr));
loser: loser:
return status; return status;
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0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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