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Source code changes of the file "nss/gtests/ssl_gtest/libssl_internals.h" between
nss-3.61.tar.gz and nss-3.62.tar.gz

About: NSS is a set of libraries, APIs, utilities, and documentation designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. It provides a complete implementation of the crypto libraries used by Mozilla and other companies.

libssl_internals.h  (nss-3.61):libssl_internals.h  (nss-3.62)
skipping to change at line 54 skipping to change at line 54
SECStatus SSLInt_HasPendingHandshakeData(PRFileDesc *fd, PRBool *pending); SECStatus SSLInt_HasPendingHandshakeData(PRFileDesc *fd, PRBool *pending);
SECStatus SSLInt_SetSocketMaxEarlyDataSize(PRFileDesc *fd, uint32_t size); SECStatus SSLInt_SetSocketMaxEarlyDataSize(PRFileDesc *fd, uint32_t size);
SECStatus SSLInt_TweakChannelInfoForDC(PRFileDesc *fd, PRBool changeAuthKeyBits, SECStatus SSLInt_TweakChannelInfoForDC(PRFileDesc *fd, PRBool changeAuthKeyBits,
PRBool changeScheme); PRBool changeScheme);
SECStatus SSLInt_SetDCAdvertisedSigSchemes(PRFileDesc *fd, SECStatus SSLInt_SetDCAdvertisedSigSchemes(PRFileDesc *fd,
const SSLSignatureScheme *schemes, const SSLSignatureScheme *schemes,
uint32_t num_sig_schemes); uint32_t num_sig_schemes);
SECStatus SSLInt_RemoveServerCertificates(PRFileDesc *fd); SECStatus SSLInt_RemoveServerCertificates(PRFileDesc *fd);
SECStatus SSLInt_SetRawEchConfigForRetry(PRFileDesc *fd, const uint8_t *buf, SECStatus SSLInt_SetRawEchConfigForRetry(PRFileDesc *fd, const uint8_t *buf,
size_t len); size_t len);
SECStatus SSLInt_ZeroEchConfigIds(PRFileDesc *fd);
#endif // ndef libssl_internals_h_ #endif // ifndef libssl_internals_h_
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