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About: nss-pam-ldapd is a Name Service Switch (NSS) module and Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) that allows your LDAP server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and basically any other information that you would normally get from /etc flat files or NIS. It also allows you to do authentication to an LDAP server.

ChangeLog  (nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.11):ChangeLog  (nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.12)
2021-11-19 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [6e7e878] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c: Support DNSLDAPS
in uri
This supports both `uri DNSLDAPS` and `uri DNSLDAPS:some.domain`
variants alongside the pre-existing `uri DNS` that was already
supported generating ldaps URIs for all SRV records found.
2021-11-15 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [70819ae] configure.ac, tests/common.h: Fix internal assertion
function detection on Solaris
2021-11-15 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [7b2a7fe] INSTALL, ar-lib, compile, depcomp, missing, py-compile,
test-driver: Update files from latest automake
2021-11-14 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [9edf95c] tests/test.ldif, tests/test_ldapcmds.sh,
tests/test_nsscmds.sh: Do not use user arthur in tests
This makes it more complicated to run the tests on an environment
where a local user arthur exists.
2021-11-14 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [2862447] pynslcd/mypidfile.py: Fix running pynslcd without
uid option
Fixes 65695aa
2021-06-04 Ryan Tandy <ryan@nardis.ca>
* [15f67be] tests/config.ldif, tests/setup_slapd.sh: Support
running tests with OpenLDAP 2.5
- Change database backend to LMDB - Load external ppolicy schema
2021-11-03 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [4c46eef] .github/workflows/test.yml: Configure CodeQL code
2021-11-01 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [906035b] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, tests/test_cfg.c:
Support an empty search base
This allows putting `base ""` in nslcd.conf to specify an empty
search base.
Note that the LDAP server needs to support this. With slapd this
requires setting up an olcDefaultSearchBase attribute in the
olcFrontendConfig object under cn=config or have the database
have an empty suffix.
Closes https://github.com/arthurdejong/nss-pam-ldapd/issues/50
2021-10-17 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [7d81616] common/expr.c, tests/test_expr.c: Support minus
character in attribute expressions
This requires the attribute name is contained within a ${var-name}
2021-05-25 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [6d5a2eb] nslcd/myldap.c: Retry connecting to the first URI
after idle_timelimit
This ensures that a connection to the first URI listed in the
config file will be re-established once the connection is closed
cleanly after the idle time.
This ensures that the listed URIs are handled more in a
primary/fallback manner if an idle time is configured.
Closes https://github.com/arthurdejong/nss-pam-ldapd/issues/46
2021-05-26 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [5226a6f] .github/workflows/test.yml, .travis.yml,
tests/setup_slapd.sh, tests/test_nsscmds.sh: Replace Travis with
GitHub actions
This includes a few tweaks to the test scripts to make debugging
easier and to avoid issues on Github action runners.
2021-01-23 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [d9710a2] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c: Add tls_reqsan to
check certificate SAN
This option is passed to the LDAP library if it is supported.
2021-01-23 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [026f08c] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c: Add tls_crlfile to
check local CRL file
This option is passed to the LDAP library if it is supported.
2021-01-18 sebastienblavier
* [78c00f1] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd.conf, nslcd/cfg.c: Add
tls_crlcheck to check Certificate Revocation List
This option is passed to the LDAP library if it is supported.
Closes https://github.com/arthurdejong/nss-pam-ldapd/pull/41
2021-01-17 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [d55bdb2] Makefile.am: Use the provided Python for `make distcheck`
This ensures that if a Python interpreter was previously
supplied to configure it is also used for subsequent calls to
run a distribution check.
2021-01-17 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [b7b812f] ar-lib, compile, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
mkinstalldirs, py-compile, test-driver: Update files from
latest automake
2020-09-11 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [37a00e9] nslcd/myldap.c: Fix handling of the pam_authc_ppolicy
Check the result of the BIND operation instead of that of the
ldap_result() call when pam_authc_ppolicy is set to "no".
This could have resulted in successful authentication if the BIND
operation to the LDAP server timed out and pam_authc_ppolicy was
set to "no" but should not result in successful authentication
otherwise so it is unlikely that setting pam_authc_ppolicy to
"no" ever worked as intended. The timeout also would have to
occur on the BIND operation, not on setting up the connection.
Fixes 31cd2cf
2020-04-19 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [18740fb] README: Fix typo
Thanks Filip Dvorak
See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1825240
2020-02-10 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [b335518] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: Fix typo in manual page
Thanks Benedict Reuschling for pointing this out.
Closes https://github.com/arthurdejong/nss-pam-ldapd/issues/39
Fixes b93838d
2019-11-11 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [548efe5] nslcd/myldap.c: Log the correct timeout value
This fixes logging of the LDAP_OPT_TIMEOUT,
to actually log the value of the bind_timelimit option instead
of the timelimit option.
2019-10-13 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [fea0f5e] pynslcd/cfg.py, pynslcd/pam.py: Add pam_authc_ppolicy
support in pynslcd
See https://bugs.debian.org/900253
2019-10-13 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [1025d5d] utils/chsh.py, utils/shells.py: Fix Python 3
compatibility in chsh.ldap
2019-10-06 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [c4daf27] AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS, configure.ac,
man/chsh.ldap.1.xml, man/getent.ldap.1.xml, man/nslcd.8.xml,
man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml, man/pynslcd.8.xml,
nslcd/nslcd.c, utils/cmdline.py: Get files ready for 0.9.11 release
2019-10-06 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org> 2019-10-06 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [69922e3] tests/test_doctest.sh: Fix Python interpreter detection * [69922e3] tests/test_doctest.sh: Fix Python interpreter detection
in tests in tests
Fixes 644bc62 Fixes 644bc62
2019-10-06 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org> 2019-10-06 Arthur de Jong <arthur@arthurdejong.org>
* [62522b9] tests/test_nsscmds.sh: Portability improvements to * [62522b9] tests/test_nsscmds.sh: Portability improvements to
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