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Source code changes of the file ".gitignore" between
nsq-1.2.0.tar.gz and nsq-1.2.1.tar.gz

About: nsq is a realtime distributed and and decentralized messaging platform.

.gitignore  (nsq-1.2.0):.gitignore  (nsq-1.2.1)
.godeps .godeps
vendor vendor
.cover/ .cover/
apps/nsqlookupd/nsqlookupd apps/nsqlookupd/nsqlookupd
apps/nsqd/nsqd apps/nsqd/nsqd
apps/nsqadmin/nsqadmin apps/nsqadmin/nsqadmin
bench/bench_reader/bench_reader bench/bench_reader/bench_reader
bench/bench_writer/bench_writer bench/bench_writer/bench_writer
bench/bench_channels/bench_channels bench/bench_channels/bench_channels
apps/nsq_to_nsq/nsq_to_nsq apps/nsq_to_nsq/nsq_to_nsq
apps/nsq_to_file/nsq_to_file apps/nsq_to_file/nsq_to_file
apps/nsq_pubsub/nsq_pubsub apps/nsq_pubsub/nsq_pubsub
apps/nsq_to_http/nsq_to_http apps/nsq_to_http/nsq_to_http
apps/nsq_tail/nsq_tail apps/nsq_tail/nsq_tail
apps/nsq_stat/nsq_stat apps/nsq_stat/nsq_stat
apps/to_nsq/to_nsq apps/to_nsq/to_nsq
dist dist
_site _site
_posts _posts
*.dat *.dat
# Go.gitignore # Go.gitignore
# Compiled Object files, Static and Dynamic libs (Shared Objects) # Compiled Object files, Static and Dynamic libs (Shared Objects)
*.o *.o
*.a *.a
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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