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Source code changes of the file "package.json" between
npm-cli-7.16.0.tar.gz and npm-cli-7.17.0.tar.gz

About: npm is a JavaScript package manager (requires node v6 or higher).

package.json  (npm-cli-7.16.0):package.json  (npm-cli-7.17.0)
{ {
"version": "7.16.0", "version": "7.17.0",
"name": "npm", "name": "npm",
"description": "a package manager for JavaScript", "description": "a package manager for JavaScript",
"workspaces": [ "workspaces": [
"docs" "docs"
], ],
"files": [
"keywords": [ "keywords": [
"install", "install",
"modules", "modules",
"package manager", "package manager",
"package.json" "package.json"
], ],
"preferGlobal": true, "preferGlobal": true,
"config": { "config": {
"publishtest": false "publishtest": false
}, },
skipping to change at line 207 skipping to change at line 214
"licenses": "licensee --production --errors-only", "licenses": "licensee --production --errors-only",
"test": "tap", "test": "tap",
"check-coverage": "tap", "check-coverage": "tap",
"snap": "tap", "snap": "tap",
"postsnap": "make -s docs/content/*/*.md", "postsnap": "make -s docs/content/*/*.md",
"test:nocleanup": "NO_TEST_CLEANUP=1 npm run test --", "test:nocleanup": "NO_TEST_CLEANUP=1 npm run test --",
"sudotest": "sudo npm run test --", "sudotest": "sudo npm run test --",
"sudotest:nocleanup": "sudo NO_TEST_CLEANUP=1 npm run test --", "sudotest:nocleanup": "sudo NO_TEST_CLEANUP=1 npm run test --",
"posttest": "npm run lint", "posttest": "npm run lint",
"eslint": "eslint", "eslint": "eslint",
"lint": "npm run eslint -- test/lib test/bin lib", "lint": "npm run eslint -- test/lib test/bin lib scripts docs smoke-tests",
"lintfix": "npm run lint -- --fix", "lintfix": "npm run lint -- --fix",
"prelint": "rimraf test/npm_cache*", "prelint": "rimraf test/npm_cache*",
"resetdeps": "bash scripts/resetdeps.sh", "resetdeps": "bash scripts/resetdeps.sh",
"smoke-tests": "tap smoke-tests/index.js" "smoke-tests": "tap smoke-tests/index.js"
}, },
"tap": { "tap": {
"test-env": [ "test-env": [
"LC_ALL=sk" "LC_ALL=sk"
], ],
"color": 1, "color": 1,
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 9 lines changed or added

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