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Source code changes of the file "playbooks/ceph/glance-copy-policy.yaml" between
nova-22.0.0.tar.gz and nova-22.0.1.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Nova (Core Service: Compute) manages the lifecycle of compute instances in an OpenStack environment. Responsibilities include spawning, scheduling and decomissioning of machines on demand.
The "Victoria" series (latest release).

glance-copy-policy.yaml  (nova-22.0.0):glance-copy-policy.yaml  (nova-22.0.1)
- hosts: controller - hosts: controller
tasks: tasks:
- name: create local.sh - name: create local.sh
become: yes become: yes
blockinfile: blockinfile:
path: /opt/stack/devstack/local.sh path: /opt/stack/devstack/local.sh
create: True create: True
mode: 0777 mode: 0777
block: | block: |
echo $'{"copy_image": "\'public\':%(visibility)s"}' > /etc/glance/poli # This policy is default to admin only in glance. Override
cy.json # here to allow everyone and every type of image (private
# or public) to copy. This way we will be able to test copy
# image via non-admin as well as on private images.
echo $'{"copy_image": ""}' > /etc/glance/policy.json
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