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Source code changes of the file "nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py" between
nova-22.0.0.tar.gz and nova-22.0.1.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Nova (Core Service: Compute) manages the lifecycle of compute instances in an OpenStack environment. Responsibilities include spawning, scheduling and decomissioning of machines on demand.
The "Victoria" series (latest release).

driver.py  (nova-22.0.0):driver.py  (nova-22.0.1)
skipping to change at line 5518 skipping to change at line 5518
if not self._video_model_supported(video.type): if not self._video_model_supported(video.type):
raise exception.InvalidVideoMode(model=video.type) raise exception.InvalidVideoMode(model=video.type)
# Set video memory, only if the flavor's limit is set # Set video memory, only if the flavor's limit is set
video_ram = image_meta.properties.get('hw_video_ram', 0) video_ram = image_meta.properties.get('hw_video_ram', 0)
max_vram = int(flavor.extra_specs.get('hw_video:ram_max_mb', 0)) max_vram = int(flavor.extra_specs.get('hw_video:ram_max_mb', 0))
if video_ram > max_vram: if video_ram > max_vram:
raise exception.RequestedVRamTooHigh(req_vram=video_ram, raise exception.RequestedVRamTooHigh(req_vram=video_ram,
max_vram=max_vram) max_vram=max_vram)
if max_vram and video_ram: if max_vram and video_ram:
video.vram = video_ram * units.Mi / units.Ki video.vram = video_ram * units.Mi // units.Ki
guest.add_device(video) guest.add_device(video)
# NOTE(sean-k-mooney): return the video device we added # NOTE(sean-k-mooney): return the video device we added
# for simpler testing. # for simpler testing.
return video return video
def _add_qga_device(self, guest, instance): def _add_qga_device(self, guest, instance):
qga = vconfig.LibvirtConfigGuestChannel() qga = vconfig.LibvirtConfigGuestChannel()
qga.type = "unix" qga.type = "unix"
qga.target_name = "org.qemu.guest_agent.0" qga.target_name = "org.qemu.guest_agent.0"
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