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Source code changes of the file "misc/auto-completion/zsh/_nnn" between
nnn-v4.3.tar.gz and nnn-v4.4.tar.gz

About: nnn is a full-featured terminal file manager.

_nnn  (nnn-v4.3):_nnn  (nnn-v4.4)
skipping to change at line 24 skipping to change at line 24
'(-b)-b[bookmark key to open]:key char' '(-b)-b[bookmark key to open]:key char'
'(-c)-c[cli-only opener]' '(-c)-c[cli-only opener]'
'(-C)-C[color by context]' '(-C)-C[color by context]'
'(-d)-d[start in detail mode]' '(-d)-d[start in detail mode]'
'(-D)-D[dirs in context color]' '(-D)-D[dirs in context color]'
'(-e)-e[open text files in $VISUAL/$EDITOR/vi]' '(-e)-e[open text files in $VISUAL/$EDITOR/vi]'
'(-E)-E[use EDITOR for undetached edits]' '(-E)-E[use EDITOR for undetached edits]'
'(-f)-f[use readline history file]' '(-f)-f[use readline history file]'
'(-g)-g[regex filters]' '(-g)-g[regex filters]'
'(-H)-H[show hidden files]' '(-H)-H[show hidden files]'
'(-i)-i[show current file info]'
'(-J)-J[no auto-proceed on select]' '(-J)-J[no auto-proceed on select]'
'(-K)-K[detect key collision]' '(-K)-K[detect key collision]'
'(-l)-l[lines to move per scroll]:val' '(-l)-l[lines to move per scroll]:val'
'(-n)-n[start in type-to-nav mode]' '(-n)-n[start in type-to-nav mode]'
'(-o)-o[open files only on Enter]' '(-o)-o[open files only on Enter]'
'(-p)-p[copy selection to file]:file name' '(-p)-p[copy selection to file]:file name'
'(-P)-P[plugin key to runn]:key char' '(-P)-P[plugin key to runn]:key char'
'(-Q)-Q[disable quit confirmation]' '(-Q)-Q[disable quit confirmation]'
'(-r)-r[show cp, mv progress (Linux-only)]' '(-r)-r[show cp, mv progress (Linux-only)]'
'(-R)-R[disable rollover at edges]' '(-R)-R[disable rollover at edges]'
'(-s)-s[load session]:session name' '(-s)-s[load session]:session name'
'(-S)-S[persistent session]' '(-S)-S[persistent session]'
'(-t)-t[timeout to lock]:seconds' '(-t)-t[timeout to lock]:seconds'
'(-T)-T[a d e r s t v]:key' '(-T)-T[a d e r s t v]:key'
'(-u)-u[use selection (no prompt)]' '(-u)-u[use selection (no prompt)]'
'(-U)-U[show user and group]' '(-U)-U[show user and group]'
'(-V)-V[show program version and exit]' '(-V)-V[show program version and exit]'
'(-w)-C[hardware cursor mode]'
'(-x)-x[notis, sel to system clipboard, xterm title]' '(-x)-x[notis, sel to system clipboard, xterm title]'
'(-h)-h[show program help]' '(-h)-h[show program help]'
'*:filename:_files' '*:filename:_files'
) )
_arguments -S -s $args _arguments -S -s $args
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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