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Source code changes of the file "neutron/tests/unit/db/test_rbac_db_mixin.py" between
neutron-14.0.2.tar.gz and neutron-14.0.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Neutron (Core Service: Networking) enables network connectivity as a service for other OpenStack services, such as OpenStack Compute. Provides an API for users to define networks and the attachments into them. Has a pluggable architecture that supports many popular networking vendors and technologies.
The "Stein" series (maintained release).

test_rbac_db_mixin.py  (neutron-14.0.2):test_rbac_db_mixin.py  (neutron-14.0.3)
skipping to change at line 55 skipping to change at line 55
policy = self._make_networkrbac(network, target_tenant) policy = self._make_networkrbac(network, target_tenant)
netrbac = self.plugin.create_rbac_policy(self.context, policy) netrbac = self.plugin.create_rbac_policy(self.context, policy)
test_port = {'port': {'name': 'test-port', test_port = {'port': {'name': 'test-port',
'network_id': network['network']['id'], 'network_id': network['network']['id'],
'mac_address': constants.ATTR_NOT_SPECIFIED, 'mac_address': constants.ATTR_NOT_SPECIFIED,
'fixed_ips': constants.ATTR_NOT_SPECIFIED, 'fixed_ips': constants.ATTR_NOT_SPECIFIED,
'admin_state_up': True, 'admin_state_up': True,
'device_id': 'device_id', 'device_id': 'device_id',
'device_owner': 'device_owner', 'device_owner': 'device_owner',
'project_id': target_tenant,
'tenant_id': target_tenant}} 'tenant_id': target_tenant}}
port = self.plugin.create_port(self.context, test_port) port = self.plugin.create_port(self.context, test_port)
return netrbac, port return netrbac, port
def _assert_external_net_state(self, net_id, is_external): def _assert_external_net_state(self, net_id, is_external):
req = self.new_show_request('networks', net_id) req = self.new_show_request('networks', net_id)
res = self.deserialize(self.fmt, req.get_response(self.api)) res = self.deserialize(self.fmt, req.get_response(self.api))
self.assertEqual(is_external, res['network']['router:external']) self.assertEqual(is_external, res['network']['router:external'])
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