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Source code changes of the file "navit/util.c" between
navit-0.5.5.tar.gz and navit-0.5.6.tar.gz

About: NavIt is a car navigation system with GPS tracking and a routing engine.

util.c  (navit-0.5.5):util.c  (navit-0.5.6)
skipping to change at line 482 skipping to change at line 482
*l=g_list_prepend(*l, key); *l=g_list_prepend(*l, key);
} }
GList *g_hash_to_list_keys(GHashTable *h) { GList *g_hash_to_list_keys(GHashTable *h) {
GList *ret=NULL; GList *ret=NULL;
g_hash_table_foreach(h, hash_callback_key, &ret); g_hash_table_foreach(h, hash_callback_key, &ret);
return ret; return ret;
} }
* @brief Appends a formatted string and appends it to an existing one.
* Usage is similar to the familiar C functions that take a format string and a
variable argument list.
* Return value is a concatenation of `buffer` (unless it is NULL) and `fmt`, wi
th the remaining arguments
* inserted into `fmt`.
* @param buffer An existing string, can be null and will be freed by this funct
* @param fmt A format string (will not be altered)
* @return A newly allocated string, see description. The caller is responsible
for freeing the returned string.
gchar *g_strconcat_printf(gchar *buffer, gchar *fmt, ...) { gchar *g_strconcat_printf(gchar *buffer, gchar *fmt, ...) {
gchar *str,*ret; gchar *str,*ret;
va_list ap; va_list ap;
va_start(ap, fmt); va_start(ap, fmt);
str=g_strdup_vprintf(fmt, ap); str=g_strdup_vprintf(fmt, ap);
va_end(ap); va_end(ap);
if (! buffer) if (! buffer)
return str; return str;
ret=g_strconcat(buffer, str, NULL); ret=g_strconcat(buffer, str, NULL);
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0 lines changed or deleted 17 lines changed or added

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