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Source code changes of the file "navit/attr_def.h" between
navit-0.5.5.tar.gz and navit-0.5.6.tar.gz

About: NavIt is a car navigation system with GPS tracking and a routing engine.

attr_def.h  (navit-0.5.5):attr_def.h  (navit-0.5.6)
skipping to change at line 407 skipping to change at line 407
* exclude the end nodes, because these are imported as separate nodes. */ * exclude the end nodes, because these are imported as separate nodes. */
ATTR(house_number_interpolation_no_ends_incrmt_1) ATTR(house_number_interpolation_no_ends_incrmt_1)
ATTR(house_number_interpolation_no_ends_incrmt_2) ATTR(house_number_interpolation_no_ends_incrmt_2)
ATTR(dbg_level) ATTR(dbg_level)
ATTR(street_name_systematic_nat) ATTR(street_name_systematic_nat)
ATTR(street_name_systematic_int) ATTR(street_name_systematic_int)
ATTR(street_destination) ATTR(street_destination)
ATTR(exit_to) ATTR(exit_to)
ATTR(street_destination_forward) ATTR(street_destination_forward)
ATTR(street_destination_backward) ATTR(street_destination_backward)
ATTR2(0x0003ffff,type_string_end) ATTR2(0x0003ffff,type_string_end)
ATTR2(0x00040000,type_special_begin) ATTR2(0x00040000,type_special_begin)
ATTR(order) ATTR(order)
ATTR(item_type) ATTR(item_type)
ATTR(item_types) ATTR(item_types)
ATTR(dash) ATTR(dash)
ATTR(sequence_range) ATTR(sequence_range)
ATTR(angle_range) ATTR(angle_range)
ATTR(speed_range) ATTR(speed_range)
ATTR(attr_types) ATTR(attr_types)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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