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Source code changes of the file "startup/default-service.in" between
nagios-4.4.3.tar.gz and nagios-4.4.4.tar.gz

About: Nagios (Core) is an host/service/network monitoring system to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems.

default-service.in  (nagios-4.4.3):default-service.in  (nagios-4.4.4)
[Unit] [Unit]
Description=Nagios Core 4.4.3 Description=Nagios Core 4.4.4
Documentation=https://www.nagios.org/documentation Documentation=https://www.nagios.org/documentation
After=network.target local-fs.target After=network.target local-fs.target
[Service] [Service]
Type=forking Type=forking
ExecStartPre=@bindir@/nagios -v @sysconfdir@/nagios.cfg ExecStartPre=@bindir@/nagios -v @sysconfdir@/nagios.cfg
ExecStart=@bindir@/nagios -d @sysconfdir@/nagios.cfg ExecStart=@bindir@/nagios -d @sysconfdir@/nagios.cfg
ExecStopPost=@BIN_RM@ -f @localstatedir@/rw/nagios.cmd ExecStopPost=@BIN_RM@ -f @localstatedir@/rw/nagios.cmd
ExecReload=@BIN_KILL@ -s HUP ${MAINPID} ExecReload=@BIN_KILL@ -s HUP ${MAINPID}
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