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Source code changes of the file "scripts/test_harness.sh" between
n2n-3.0.tar.gz and n2n-3.1.1.tar.gz

About: n2n is a layer-two peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) which allows bypassing intermediate firewalls.

test_harness.sh  (n2n-3.0):test_harness.sh  (n2n-3.1.1)
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
# #
# This expects to find the tests in the tools dir and the expected results # Run with the name of a test list file.
# in the tests dir. #
# This expects to find the tests in the tools dir or scripts dir and the
# expected results in the tests dir.
# boilerplate so we can support whaky cmake dirs
[ -z "$TOPDIR" ] && TOPDIR="."
[ -z "$BINDIR" ] && BINDIR="."
export TOPDIR
export BINDIR
TESTS=" if [ -z "$1" ]; then
tests-compress echo need test list filename
tests-elliptic exit 1
tests-hashing fi
tests-transform TESTLIST="$1"
tests-wire LISTDIR=$(dirname "$TESTLIST")
# Allow both dirs be overidden
[ -n "$1" ] && TOOLSDIR="$1"
[ -n "$2" ] && TESTDATA="$2"
# Confirm we have all the tools and data TESTS=$(sed -e "s/#.*//" "$TESTLIST")
# Actually run the tests
for i in $TESTS; do for i in $TESTS; do
if [ ! -e "$TOOLSDIR/$i" ]; then # Look in several places for the test program
echo "Could not find test $TOOLSDIR/$i" if [ -e "$BINDIR/$i" ]; then
elif [ -e "$BINDIR/tools/$i" ]; then
elif [ -e "$LISTDIR/../scripts/$i" ]; then
echo "Could not find test $i"
exit 1 exit 1
fi fi
if [ ! -e "$TESTDATA/$i.expected" ]; then
echo "Could not find testdata $TESTDATA/$i.expected" if [ ! -e "$LISTDIR/$i.expected" ]; then
echo "Could not find testdata $LISTDIR/$i.expected"
exit 1 exit 1
fi fi
# Actually run the tests echo "$TEST >$LISTDIR/$i.out"
set -e set -e
for i in $TESTS; do "$TEST" >"$LISTDIR/$i.out"
echo "$TOOLSDIR/$i >$TESTDATA/$i.out" cmp "$LISTDIR/$i.expected" "$LISTDIR/$i.out"
"$TOOLSDIR/$i" >"$TESTDATA/$i.out" set +e
cmp "$TESTDATA/$i.expected" "$TESTDATA/$i.out"
done done
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28 lines changed or deleted 36 lines changed or added

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