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Source code changes of the file "zlib/zlib/win32/zlib.def" between
muscle7.61.zip and muscle7.62.zip

About: MUSCLE (Multi User Server Client Linking Environment) is a messaging server and networking API. The included server program ("muscled") lets its clients message each other, and/or store information in its serverside hierarchical database.

zlib.def  (muscle7.61):zlib.def  (muscle7.62)
; zlib data compression library ; zlib data compression library
; basic functions ; basic functions
zlibVersion zlibVersion
deflate deflate
deflateEnd deflateEnd
inflate inflate
inflateEnd inflateEnd
; advanced functions ; advanced functions
deflateSetDictionary deflateSetDictionary
deflateCopy deflateCopy
deflateReset deflateReset
deflateParams deflateParams
deflateTune deflateTune
deflateBound deflateBound
deflatePending deflatePending
deflatePrime deflatePrime
deflateSetHeader deflateSetHeader
inflateSetDictionary inflateSetDictionary
inflateGetDictionary inflateGetDictionary
skipping to change at line 36 skipping to change at line 37
inflateMark inflateMark
inflateGetHeader inflateGetHeader
inflateBack inflateBack
inflateBackEnd inflateBackEnd
zlibCompileFlags zlibCompileFlags
; utility functions ; utility functions
compress compress
compress2 compress2
compressBound compressBound
uncompress uncompress
gzopen gzopen
gzdopen gzdopen
gzbuffer gzbuffer
gzsetparams gzsetparams
gzread gzread
gzwrite gzwrite
gzprintf gzprintf
gzvprintf gzvprintf
gzputs gzputs
gzgets gzgets
gzputc gzputc
gzgetc gzgetc
gzungetc gzungetc
gzflush gzflush
gzseek gzseek
gzrewind gzrewind
skipping to change at line 70 skipping to change at line 74
gzclearerr gzclearerr
; large file functions ; large file functions
gzopen64 gzopen64
gzseek64 gzseek64
gztell64 gztell64
gzoffset64 gzoffset64
adler32_combine64 adler32_combine64
crc32_combine64 crc32_combine64
; checksum functions ; checksum functions
adler32 adler32
crc32 crc32
adler32_combine adler32_combine
crc32_combine crc32_combine
; various hacks, don't look :) ; various hacks, don't look :)
deflateInit_ deflateInit_
deflateInit2_ deflateInit2_
inflateInit_ inflateInit_
inflateInit2_ inflateInit2_
inflateBackInit_ inflateBackInit_
gzgetc_ gzgetc_
zError zError
inflateSyncPoint inflateSyncPoint
get_crc_table get_crc_table
inflateUndermine inflateUndermine
inflateResetKeep inflateResetKeep
deflateResetKeep deflateResetKeep
gzopen_w gzopen_w
 End of changes. 7 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 8 lines changed or added

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