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About: Munin is a tool for graphing all sorts of information about one or more servers and displaying it in a web interface (requires Perl and RRDTool).

ChangeLog  (munin-2.0.66):ChangeLog  (munin-2.0.67)
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munin-2.0.67, 2021-02-22
Bugfix release.
Detailed Changelog
Lars Kruse (7):
Lars Kruse (7):
Template "overview": add missing closing "li" and unify indentation
CDEF handling: fix access to "negative" field metadata
CDEF handling: fix translation of fieldnames to RRD field names
CDEF handling: fix access to "negative" field with long name or starting w
ith a digit
master: tolerate fields without content in "info"
Plugin hddtemp_smartctl: avoid misinterpretation of serial numbers as part
Plugin memcached_: implement suggest and improve autoconf
Wiebe Cazemier (1):
Make netstat human and high connection friendly
munin-2.0.66, 2021-01-06 munin-2.0.66, 2021-01-06
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Summary Summary
------- -------
Bugfix release. Bugfix release.
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Detailed Changelog Detailed Changelog
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