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About: MRBS is a web application for booking meeting rooms or other resources (using PHP and MySQL/pgsql).

NEWS  (mrbs-1.9.4):NEWS  (mrbs-1.10.0)
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Version 1.10.0 (Mon 29th November 2021):
[*] Updated minimum PHP version to 7.2.
[*] Fixed deprecated notices when running under PHP 8.1. Note that the return t
ypes for gc() and
read() cannot be specified because union types are not available until PHP 8.
[*] Fixed various PHP 8.x deprecation/compatibility issues.
[*] Updated german translation (Stachelritter).
[*] Avoided using strftime() if IntlDateFormatter is available as strftime() is
deprecated in PHP 8.1.
[+] Added configuration variable $auth['saml']['disable_mrbs_session_init'] to a
llow MRBS session
initialisation to be disabled when using SAML. See SF Support Requests #2390.
[-] Fixed occasional problem with CSRF tokens.
[+] Added Docker container build configuration. (Tobias Polzin)
[+] New option $min_booking_admin_level, e.g. to allow all users to edit all boo
kings for some settings
(Tobias Polzin).
[*] edit_entry shows repetition and skipping only if necessary (Tobias Polzin).
[*] Improved clarity of German translation around use of periods/series.
[-] Fixed problem with display of type when the field is private. See SF Suppor
t Requests #2394.
[-] Fixed problem allowing a booking for multiple rooms to be made when it shoul
dn't be. See SF
Support Requests #2396.
[-] Better fix for preventing selection of multiple rooms. This fix does not de
stroy the Ajax policy
feedback. See SF Support Requests #2396.
[*] Added support from going back from the edit entry submission page.
[-] Fixed bug when no $booking_types is unset. See
[*] crypt_passwd.pl - Replaced an errant TAB with spaces.
[*] Removed all mentions of badpw.pl - it's too bad even for explanation purpose
[*] Added configuration variables for setting hostname and HELO strings when sen
ding email. See
SF Bugs #508.
[*] Updated Swedish translation. Thanks to Niclas Nilsson.
[-] Fixed bug causing English days of the week to be shown. See SF Support Requ
ests #2374.
[*] Improved print layout.
[*] Improved fix if no booking types are set.
See https://github.com/meeting-room-booking-system/mrbs-code/issues/11#issuecom
[*] Improved documentation on auth/session classes.
[-] Fixed bug saving an entry with custom fields when using PostgreSQL and an ex
plicit $db_schema.
See SF Support Requests #2408.
[-] Fixed undefined index notice problem. See SF Support Requests #2406
[-] Fixed problem with LDAP admin groups being case sensitive when they shouldn'
t be. See SF
Support Requests #2406.
[-] Fixed bug causing an incompatibility with LDAP config settings from earlier
versions of MRBS.
See SF Support Requests #2419.
[-] Fixed bug causing the reset link URL to contain the scheme twice when $url_b
ase is set. See
SF Support Requests #2421.
[*] Added display on the calendar view of how many people have registered for an
[-] Fixed problem with misleading "Are you sure you want to delete this entry?"
message being shown
when deleting a series.
[-] Fixed uncaught exception error if someone tries to login under the 'db' sche
me by email address
when their password hash is null.
[*] Expanded message on password reset to remind users to check their spam/junk
folder for a
password reset email.
[*] Added support for date custom fields in the user table.
[-] Fixed occasional problem with "Session object destruction failed" warning wh
en the session has
already been destroyed.
[*] Added server side checking of date field values.
[*] Added registrants' names to report output.
[+] Added option of showing registrants on the calendar page.
[-] Fixed bug causing the "Back to Rooms" button on the edit_room page to go to
the wrong area.
[*] Made display names sort order consistent everywhere with $sort_users_by_last
[+] Added new config setting $auth['show_registrant_names_in_public_calendar'] a
llowing the choice
of whether or not to show registrants' names if the calendar is open to the pub
[+] Added the ability to add custom JavaScript.
[-] Fixed problem when a conflict is reported with a booking that was made when
there were more
periods defined.
[*] Improved consistency of button labelling.
[*] Updated update instructions to remove references to old upgrade files.
[*] Updated FAQ links to MRBS project, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
[+] Added the ability to import an iCalendar from a URL.
[+] Added option not to import past bookings.
[*] db_ext auth: Added caching of results in getUser() to improve performance as
the query will
normally be of a remote database.
[*] Added sorting of users for the db_ext authentication type.
[*] Added sorting of users for the WordPress authentication type.
[+] Added an ignore_location option for importing events.
[+] Added an option for adding the location to the description when importing iC
alendar files.
[*] Only retrieved those columns that we need in AuthDbExt->getUser() to avoid s
unencrypted data over the internet unnecessarily.
[-] Fixed bug affecting import when using PostgreSQL.
[*] Made the default SUMMARY configurable when importing events.
[*] Upgraded to PHPMailer Version 6.5.3.
Version 1.9.4 (Tue 20th July 2021): Version 1.9.4 (Tue 20th July 2021):
[-] Fixed problem when incorrect credentials are supplied on database [-] Fixed problem when incorrect credentials are supplied on database
upgrade. upgrade.
[+] Added new config setting, $auth['users_can_register_others'], [+] Added new config setting, $auth['users_can_register_others'],
allowing ordinary users to register others for events. allowing ordinary users to register others for events.
[+] Added the ability for users to cancel registrations made on their [+] Added the ability for users to cancel registrations made on their
behalf by someone else. behalf by someone else.
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