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Source code changes of the file "mpmath/tests/extratest_gamma.py" between
mpmath-0.18.tar.gz and mpmath-0.19.tar.gz

About: mpmath is a Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic.

extratest_gamma.py  (mpmath-0.18):extratest_gamma.py  (mpmath-0.19)
skipping to change at line 83 skipping to change at line 83
check("gamma", gamma, z, gamma_val) check("gamma", gamma, z, gamma_val)
check("rgamma", rgamma, z, rgamma_val) check("rgamma", rgamma, z, rgamma_val)
check("loggamma", loggamma, z, loggamma_val) check("loggamma", loggamma, z, loggamma_val)
check("factorial", factorial, z, factorial_val) check("factorial", factorial, z, factorial_val)
print() print()
mp.dps = 15 mp.dps = 15
testcases = [] testcases = []
# Basic values # Basic values
for n in range(1,200) + range(201,2000,17): for n in list(range(1,200)) + list(range(201,2000,17)):
testcases.append(["%s" % n, None]) testcases.append(["%s" % n, None])
for n in range(-200,200): for n in range(-200,200):
testcases.append(["%s+0.5" % n, None]) testcases.append(["%s+0.5" % n, None])
testcases.append(["%s+0.37" % n, None]) testcases.append(["%s+0.37" % n, None])
testcases += [\ testcases += [\
["(0.1+1j)", None], ["(0.1+1j)", None],
["(-0.1+1j)", None], ["(-0.1+1j)", None],
["(0.1-1j)", None], ["(0.1-1j)", None],
["(-0.1-1j)", None], ["(-0.1-1j)", None],
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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