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Source code changes of the file "moskito-extensions/moskito-php/src/main/java/net/anotheria/extensions/php/config/MoskitoPHPConfig.java" between
moskito-moskito-2.9.3.tar.gz and moskito-moskito-2.10.0.tar.gz

About: MoSKito (Monitoring System Kit) is a framework for java application monitoring. Sources.

MoskitoPHPConfig.java  (moskito-moskito-2.9.3):MoskitoPHPConfig.java  (moskito-moskito-2.10.0)
package net.anotheria.extensions.php.config; package net.anotheria.extensions.php.config;
import org.apache.commons.lang.ArrayUtils; import org.apache.commons.lang3.ArrayUtils;
import org.configureme.annotations.AfterReConfiguration; import org.configureme.annotations.AfterReConfiguration;
import org.configureme.annotations.ConfigureMe; import org.configureme.annotations.ConfigureMe;
import org.configureme.annotations.DontConfigure; import org.configureme.annotations.DontConfigure;
/** /**
* Config for Moskito PHP plugin. * Config for Moskito PHP plugin.
* *
* Defines sets of mappers and connectors that be used by plugin * Defines sets of mappers and connectors that be used by plugin
*/ */
@ConfigureMe(allfields = true) @ConfigureMe(allfields = true)
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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