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Source code changes of the file "moskito-core/src/test/java/net/anotheria/moskito/core/threshold/FindThresholdTest.java" between
moskito-moskito-2.9.3.tar.gz and moskito-moskito-2.10.0.tar.gz

About: MoSKito (Monitoring System Kit) is a framework for java application monitoring. Sources.

FindThresholdTest.java  (moskito-moskito-2.9.3):FindThresholdTest.java  (moskito-moskito-2.10.0)
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} }
@Test public void findUsed(){ @Test public void findUsed(){
ThresholdDefinition config = new ThresholdDefinition(); ThresholdDefinition config = new ThresholdDefinition();
config.setProducerName("Heap memory"); config.setProducerName("Heap memory");
config.setStatName("Heap memory"); config.setStatName("Heap memory");
config.setValueName("USED"); config.setValueName("USED");
config.setIntervalName(null); config.setIntervalName(null);
IProducerRegistryAPI registryAPI = new ProducerRegistryAPIFactory ().createProducerRegistryAPIForUnitTest(); IProducerRegistryAPI registryAPI = new ProducerRegistryAPIFactory ().createProducerRegistryAPIForUnitTest();
System.out.println("ALL: "+registryAPI.getAllProducers());
IStatsProducer<?> producer = registryAPI.getProducer(config.getPr oducerName()); IStatsProducer<?> producer = registryAPI.getProducer(config.getPr oducerName());
assertNotNull(producer); assertNotNull(producer);
IStats target = null; IStats target = null;
for (IStats s : producer.getStats()){ for (IStats s : producer.getStats()){
if (s.getName().equals(config.getStatName())){ if (s.getName().equals(config.getStatName())){
target = s; target = s;
break; break;
} }
} }
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