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Source code changes of the file "site.exp.in" between
modules-5.1.1.tar.bz2 and modules-5.2.0.tar.bz2

About: The Environment Modules package provides for the dynamic modification of a user’s environment via modulefiles.

site.exp.in  (modules-5.1.1.tar.bz2):site.exp.in  (modules-5.2.0.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 33 skipping to change at line 33
set install_quarantinevars "@quarantinevars@" set install_quarantinevars "@quarantinevars@"
set install_libtclenvmodules "@libtclenvmodules@" set install_libtclenvmodules "@libtclenvmodules@"
set install_shlib_suffix "@SHLIB_SUFFIX@" set install_shlib_suffix "@SHLIB_SUFFIX@"
set install_multilibsupport "@multilibsupport@" set install_multilibsupport "@multilibsupport@"
set install_libdir64 "@libdir64@" set install_libdir64 "@libdir64@"
set install_libdir32 "@libdir32@" set install_libdir32 "@libdir32@"
set install_setmanpath "@setmanpath@" set install_setmanpath "@setmanpath@"
set install_appendmanpath "@appendmanpath@"
set install_usemanpath "@usemanpath@"
set install_setbinpath "@setbinpath@" set install_setbinpath "@setbinpath@"
set install_appendbinpath "@appendbinpath@"
set install_examplemodulefiles "@examplemodulefiles@" set install_examplemodulefiles "@examplemodulefiles@"
set install_initconfin "@initconfin@" set install_initconfin "@initconfin@"
set install_builddoc "@builddoc@" set install_builddoc "@builddoc@"
set install_pager "@pager@" set install_pager "@pager@"
set install_pageropts "@pageropts@" set install_pageropts "@pageropts@"
set install_pagercmd $install_pager set install_pagercmd $install_pager
if {$install_pageropts ne {}} { if {$install_pageropts ne {}} {
skipping to change at line 100 skipping to change at line 103
set install_listterseoutput "@listterseoutput@" set install_listterseoutput "@listterseoutput@"
set install_variantshortcut "@variantshortcut@" set install_variantshortcut "@variantshortcut@"
set install_editor "@editor@" set install_editor "@editor@"
set install_bashcompletiondir "@bashcompletiondir@" set install_bashcompletiondir "@bashcompletiondir@"
set install_fishcompletiondir "@fishcompletiondir@" set install_fishcompletiondir "@fishcompletiondir@"
set install_zshcompletiondir "@zshcompletiondir@" set install_zshcompletiondir "@zshcompletiondir@"
set install_tcllinter "@tcllinter@"
set install_tcllinteropts "@tcllinteropts@"
set install_tcllintercmd $install_tcllinter
if {$install_tcllinteropts ne {}} {
append install_tcllintercmd " $install_tcllinteropts"
# command location # command location
set install_tclsh "@TCLSH@" set install_tclsh "@TCLSH@"
set install_python "@PYTHON@" set install_python "@PYTHON@"
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 10 lines changed or added

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