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About: The Environment Modules package provides for the dynamic modification of a user’s environment via modulefiles.

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:sgrhi:`.../modulefiles/bar/2.1`: :sgrhi:`.../modulefiles/bar/2.1`:
:sgrcm:`prepend-path` PATH example/source-script-in-modulefile/bar-2.1/bi n :sgrcm:`prepend-path` PATH example/source-script-in-modulefile/bar-2.1/bi n
:sgrcm:`set-alias` bar {barbin -q -l} :sgrcm:`set-alias` bar {barbin -q -l}
------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
:ps:`$` module load bar :ps:`$` module load bar
:ps:`$` alias bar :ps:`$` alias bar
barbin -q -l barbin -q -l
:ps:`$` bar :ps:`$` bar
bar, version 2.1 bar, version 2.1
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